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2023-2024 Summer State League - Round 7

WSL2 Report by Alex Steere

With a 9.30pm game start it was well past our bedtimes, but we managed to rally together a team of 8. We were up against NYP Dragons Yellow, who seemed to be a younger team. We were evenly matched in the first quarter with LisaAndo and Olivia getting a goal each we lead, 2-1 at quarter time. Somehow Alex scored 3 goals in the second quarter (woo go me) and Kyrene scored one. However we kept getting caught in defence and NYP were able to score through our centre backs. It was 6-4 at half time. From there it was goal for goal. No matter if we scored, they would get one back. It felt like we were never going to be able to get ahead. They clawed back to a one goal difference with us still in the lead 9-8 at the end of the third quarter. It was clearly way past their bedtime too, as they really slowed down in the last quarter of the game. We worked well to help out in defence with a drop on centre forward to stop their goals. It was a brilliant quarter for Denise and Kyrene who both scored beautiful outside goals. Olivia, Maria and Alex scored goals each to take the 4 goal win.

Essendon defeated the NYD Dragons Yellow : 14 - 10

Goals : Alex 4, Olivia 3, Maria 3, Kyrene 2, Denise 1, LisaAndo 1

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

This week was a rematch against a side that beat us 1-12 in round 2. We were keen to show that we were better than what that scoreline suggested and with a squad size of 11 we had the bench support to ensure we could give this our all. But with 10mins to game time, texts started arriving indicating 5 of our players were caught up in heavy traffic with a truck on fire in the west causing havoc. As the ref pushed us to get underway with just 6 girls, our remaining troupe started to trickle in so we started with 8. Whilst Old Ivanhoe had the bare 7, they were more settled than us quickly scoring and knuckling down in defence. It took us awhile to find some rhythm and space, but eventually we put together a nice string of passes that resulted in Laura slotting in our first. Old Ivanhoe were quick to step up putting in another 2, making it 1-3 for the quarter. The second was a real arm wrestle with neither side scoring. We had some chances, but our placement with shots made it too easy for their keeper. Going into the third, things were still even. Both sides missed shots and both sides defended well, but we broke through the status quo with a penalty convert from Isi. Old Ivanhoe scored shortly after that, and we finished the third down 2-4. In the final quarter we tried to make better use of their tactic of doubling up on our CF. But we tended to crowd a bit and lost our extra player advantage and our shots found the keeper once more. Down the other end, Sandra was doing a great job deflecting their shots, but eventually a couple of lob style shots got by her. So we didn't get our first win for this comp, but we did improve on our R2 efforts!

Essendon were defeated by Old Ivanhoe : 2 - 6

Goals : Laura 1, Isabelle 1

JnrW (18s)

This week the combined Ess/Mon/NYPD team faced Richmond. None of our girls were available to play, so no report, just the resulting score below. Unfortunately the team has now finished in third place, and will sit out next Sunday as Richmond play the Geelong/MC/DVE combined team in the Grand Final.

Ess/Mon/NYPD were defeated by Richmond : 5 - 19

YthG (16s)

This week our combined Ess/Mon/NYPD team had a scheduled Bye but will be back in action on the weekend against Richmond Yellow. A win or draw in this game will guarantee the Ess/Mon/NYPD team a place in the bronze medal game.

MSL4 Report by Andrew Cover

Apprehension and nervous excitement were abundant in a top-of-the-table clash, Essendon Vs Geelong. The boys were excited to work a little magic to gain the win and take top spot on the MSL4 leader board. With both teams showcasing a very strong bench, things looked very even from the start. The first quarter started well with Lee winning the swim-up and 2 goals being scored quickly (including a great swim pass from Vincent to Andrew who shot off the hand in a fantastic goal!). Passing seemed sharp and the swimming from both teams was strong. The score was 2-2 at the end of the first quarter. Goals flowed much slower in the 2nd quarter with numerous turnovers, saves and steals. Paul settled his nerves and had his arms in every direction saving goals. At half time Essendon were down 3-2 and re-assessing tactics. The third quarter saw Essendon out-score Geelong, slowing down the play a little and being a little more tactical with shots and passing. Going into the final quarter Essendon were up 5-4! The last quarter saw many turn-overs and missed opportunities. Geelong clawed back an extra goal to level the score with 30 seconds to go. Notable highlights to all team players with the continual rotation through the bench to give all a fair time in play (even the oldies) – to Bryan, Andrew and Hayden for manning the scoreboard for a quarter each – and to Miley for earning two 5m penalties (even though we didn’t convert either of them). Redemption is on the horizon next time we meet.

Essendon drew with the Geelong Marlins : 6 - 6

Goals : Andrew 1, Bryan 1, Ryan 1, SamB 1, SamJ 1, Vincent 1

14&U Boys Report by Tim Elmore

Our Round 7 game at the Hawthorn pool this week, saw our team face an undermanned Monash side. The advantage of having an extra player took some getting used to, but our boys eventually adapted and made the most of the added space. Jack netted three goals early on, while Nate closed the quarter with one of his own. The second quarter saw a change in momentum as Monash scored early. Toby, who had narrowly missed several chances earlier, capitalized on his position at center forward and added two goals, securing a comfortable 6-1 lead at halftime. During the third quarter, there was a strategic shift, swapping our back and forward players. This change allowed Zac, Timo, and Nate to thrive, taking advantage of a tiring Monash team and adding five goals to our tally, thanks to excellent ball delivery from Toby and Lazar. In the final quarter, both teams were feeling the fatigue, but our boys' enthusiasm remained high. Everyone got a chance to participate, and Zac continued to impress at center forward, while Jack added to his goal tally with a well-executed backhander.

Essendon defeated Monash : 14 - 3

Goals : Zac 4, Jack 4, Nate 3, Toby 2, Timo 1

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