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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 7

WSL2 Report by Darren Steere

With MSAC out of use due to the World Short Course Swimming Championships, we travelled to Caulfield Grammar to battle Melbourne Uni. With a late 9pm start time we were keen to get this game underway ASAP. As soon as we did, Sarah found her range, and slotted 3 goals to get us off to a great start. Then it was daughter-mother time as Emily scored with a nice calculated shot, followed by Danielle with a nice shot under pressure. With a hectic first quarter out of the way and a 5-3 lead, we had one of Melbourne Uni’s girls on 2 majors. Ando decided to take up the mantle of goal scorer, with 4, all coming in different ways. Sarah added another to push our lead out to 10-6 by halftime. MelbUni had been fouling heavy and often, and were now in foul trouble, with a number of them on two majors. Olivia got in on the act with two goals and Ando added another. Ash was dangerous near goal and was also applying good perimeter pressure to take time off the MU shot clock. Phoebe was a presence at CF, giving us a focal point. Alex scored to keep MU at an arms length, as they stepped up to score 5 in this quarter. We now had a slender 14-11 lead at three quarter time but in the finals moments MU lost their best player on 3 majors. So we started the final quarter with Sarah continuing her night out with another two goals. MU then lost another player on 3. Alex & Olivia both scored to even their scoring for this quarter to four goals each, now 18-15. We did alot of good things that we have been working on in practice. A) CF holding position. B) CF holding position when fronted, and the deep wing players get the ball in, to either enable a shot or gain a 5m penalty. C) Perimeter pressure just heavy enough to take time off the opposition’s shot clock without being to heavy to give them a foul. And putting all that together saw us secure the game.

Essendon defeated Melbourne University : 18 – 15

Goals : Sarah 6, LisaAn 5, Olivia 3, Alex 2, Emily 1, Danielle 1

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

With a 9.45pm game start time, it was hard to muster enthusiasm at a time you're normally in your PJs watching some TV (and some would add, with a glass of wine). But we had 7 dedicated soldiers make the trip up Chapel Street to Melb High for a battle with LaTrobe. As the game got underway LaTrobe fielded just 6 players, and we relaxed somewhat thinking that our lack of a bench was no big deal. We started strongly with a quick goal to Isi but by the quarter time whistle had only amassed a 3-0 lead. Then LaTrobe's 7th player rocked up and things got real. They scored twice in the second, but we continued with our good form and found the back of the net 3 times with some nice work from Isi (x2) and Sally. So we were in a reasonably strong position at halftime at 6-2. The third quarter was a struggle, with both sides starting to fatigue as fitness levels were tested. Just a single goal was scored for the term and it came from Sheridan. So we started the final quarter at 7-2. LaTrobe came out strongly and managed to get their shots on target, but equally Isi was continuing her good form in front of goals and LisaMS had just enough left in the tank to get down the other end and slot one in. A safe win on paper, but a much closer physical contest than it looked. Our defence stood up really well throughout as we managed to switch and cover loose players. Thankyou to LisaAs' friend Michelle for doing table duty.

Essendon defeated La Trobe: 10 – 4 Goals : Isabelle 6, Taryn 1, Sally 1, Sheridan 1, LisaMS 1

MSL3-4 Report by (editor)

With an early game time of 6pm, we were unable to field a team for this game and had to forfeit.

Essendon/Monash were defeated by the MC Otters : 0 – 8 (Forfeit)

MSL6 Report by Bryan Wee

Levi should be a rugby player and his name should be Campese. Ironically he may not know who Campese is. Last quarter. No goal the whole quarter. Last minute. Levi gets the ball from Rucus our keeper. Swims up. Dodges one, swims around another. Side steps a third. It was magic. Everyone cleared and formed a guard of honor. Then grease lightning struck (he probably won’t get that one either). So fast you could not see it. Top corner. Goal. Broke their hearts. And sealed our win. The rest was a footnote. It was Levi’s game. Solid performance by the boys. Won every swim and passed smart to the open player. Good 7-3 win.

Essendon defeated Melbourne Surge Orange : 7 – 3 Goals : Bryan 4, Liam 2, Levi 1

JNR MEN Report by (editor)

There were no games scheduled for any of the teams in the Junior Men's grade this week.

U14 MIXED Report by Alex Steere

GAME 1 (Round 6) : Today we were off to Geelong, with our first game of the day against NYP/Monash. The first quarter was tough as we only scored one goal to their two. However it came from a great steal from Bonnie, who passed it up to Amelia for the goal. We were struggling to put the pressure on them in defence. Although in the second quarter we tied up the game, starting with a fast break goal from Frankie and another to Amelia. Toby and Nate both working hard in defence this quarter, putting on the pressure and stealing the ball. Our third quarter was another strong quarter with Amelia stealing the ball for a fast break, but passing to Emily at the last second for the goal. Emily took another shot at goal later in the quarter but missed, with Wesley taking the rebound for a goal. We were up by one going into the last quarter. Emily again lining up for a goal, drawing in the goalie, only to pass it to Wesley who scored. Although we worked hard as a team to create scoring opportunities, we were unfortunate to lose the game by a goal. Except technically we didn’t! turns out NYP/Monash had forfeited the game due to lack of players and we had won by default!

Essendon defeated NYP/Monash : 8 – 0 (FORFEIT)

Actual Game Score : 6-7 win / Goals : Amelia 2, Wesley 2, Frankie 1, Emily 1

GAME 2 (Round 7) : For our second game of the day, we were up against Richmond. Lachie playing his second game ever of water polo, his first this morning, found himself in goals, and loving it! We also had another debut player, Olive. She also wasn’t afraid to fight for the ball, making some great steals throughout the game. We started off with a nice lead in the first quarter. Two goals to Jack and one to Wesley. Wesley’s goal came out of a combination of great team work, with multiple passes around the pool before he took the shot. It was great to watch the team as they worked together to score. It shows how much they are learning about the game and also how to work with their team mates. With one goal to each team in the second quarter, we went into the second half up 4-1. Jack, Wesly, Frankie and Emily, all scoring a goal each to strengthen our lead. One final goal in the last quarter by Frankie and we secured a comfortable win. Our defence was much stronger this quarter and we were backed up in goals in the second half by Olive and Luke in the goals.

Essendon defeated Richmond : 9 – 4 Goals : Jack 3, Wesley 2, Emily 2, Frankie 2

U14 BOYS Report by Darren Steere

GAME 1 (Round 6) : We all headed down the highway to Kardinia Park to play two rounds of the Sub-Junior Competition. With an early start time of 9.35am, we faced a player full Northcote squad. We got off to a reasonable start by our standards, and had our fair share of the ball. However, we didn’t threaten their goal, and they were able to score 4. The second quarter was similar with Northcote adding 3 while keeping us scoreless, down 0-7 at the HT break. The third was our better quarter, but we have gone backwards over the last few games. While we have played teams, closer to our standard, we have continuously lost control of the ball and hence been unable to put pressure back on to teams. Down 0-9 at the end of the third, we made some changes. Felix came out of goals, after holding back the tide, to hopefully put some scoring pressure back onto Northcote. While we ended up having a few shots on goal, the move opened us up to counter attack and Northcote took full advantage.

Essendon were defeated by Northcote : 0 – 15

GAME 2 (Round 7) : Our second game was over six hours later against the Richmond Tigers. So from playing top team Northcote, we played 2nd placed Richmond. But like I said in the previous report, we got away to a reasonable start, but Richmond scored 4. We then turned our form around in the second quarter, and slowed them down to just two goals, while Tristan bagged a goal he has promised for a while, making it 1-6 at the main break. The third quarter was a torrid affair, with Richmond now getting frustrated and physical. We were unlucky in front of goal and at the three quarter time break, were down 1-9, with one of our players in distress, after a bigger player worked him over. This episode bonded the players and we came out breathing fire. We continually attacked their goal and had shot after shot. (Where has this tenacity been???). We suddenly found ourselves in space as we started swimming. This opened up multiple scoring chances, and Tristan took advantage with two goals that finished off good team play. I hope this means that we can now start improving and look forward to the last couple of games this year and hit the competition better for it in the new year.

Essendon were defeated by the Richmond Tigers : 3 – 11 Goals : Tristan 3

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