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2023 Autumn State League - Round 3

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

Our game this week was a re-match of the 3-match mini-series we had against NYP Blue at the end of the last competition (which ended in a win each and a drawn final game, although a loss for Essendon in the penalty shoot out). So we thought it would be tight. In order to balance with the WSL3 team, we donated Kyrene and Denise to their team which left us with 9 players. NYP had 11, although 3 of their players were different to their premiership team. Essendon got off to their usual quick start, and scored the first goal by quick ball movement with Sarah shooting at the far post. NYP were quick to reply, but Essendon remained strong for the rest of the quarter heading out to a 4-1 lead thanks to Ash shooting from the perimeter, Alex getting a rebound from one of Sarah's which hit the cross-bar and Alex driving in for a goal. Emily also showed some great skill to swim around Perri, gather the ball and line up a good shot, which unfortunately hit the cross-bar. We had a few more shots against the woodwork in the 2nd quarter, which wasn't going as well for us as NYP pulled up to a 4-3 scoreline, before we had a situation I've never seen before. NYP's no.11, who had been kicked out, tried to enter before being signalled by the umpire, and incurred a penalty. While we missed the penalty, the same player then came in early again, leading to a second penalty. This time Alex scored and we ended the half at 5-3. Again we had Lara to thank for our lead as she showed great positioning in the cage and was able to reach everything but the best corner shots The game remained fairly tightly balanced as we could again only score one goal in the 3rd quarter through Sarah, and NYP were putting pressure on our defence. A slender 6-5 lead. In te final quarter there was some concern that the NYP's superior numbers would start to outswim our team, but in fact the opposite was the case, as our defence held and Lara continued her good form in goals. The NYP's no.11 paid the price for her two mistakes in the third by getting another major foul and earning a kickout for an early shower. NYP's no.10 followed her soon after, for not being able to handle Essendon's dynamism in front of goal. Essendon really turned it on after that, and we scored 5 unanswered goals, 3 of them to LisaAndo who finally managed to get on top of the refereeing to get away from her defenders with some great drives. Dani came to the party and shot from CF unmarked for a goal and Sarah finished off her game with another. A convincing win over last comp's Premiers consigning them to a third defeat from their last 3 games.

Essendon defeated Monash : 11 – 5

Goals : LisaAndo 3, Sarah 3, Alex 3, Ash 1, Dani 1

BELOW : WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

Opening this competition with an 8 all draw against StCaths and then copping a bye, seemed to translate into a loss of momentum and energy. With 5 players unavailable (including both of our keepers!) we welcomed the Sales twins this week (down from the 2s) to give us a decent list of 9. Even with this handy bench, we struggled to find our mojo and the game was a little stilted. Denise got us off to a great start, scoring our first but Monash came back quickly with 3 as LisaMS struggled to get her hand on anything at the goal mouth. The second quarter was a repeat. This time Isi scored from a penalty but Monash put another 3 on the board to guarantee there was a keeper change at halftime, now down 2-6. We weren't playing badly, but a number of our passes fell short and resulted in damaging turnarounds. We weren't able to score in the third quarter, but with LisaAs now in goals we managed to keep them to 2, with some great defensive work from Sal at centre back helping the cause. The final quarter saw us finally starting to get into a rhythm though we missed a couple of shouldabeens. Isi scored our final goal while the right Lisa kept a clean sheet for the quarter.

Essendon were defeated by Monash : 3 – 8

Goals : Isabelle 2, Denise 1

BELOW : WSL3 Game Night Photo (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

MSL5 Report by Bryan Wee

The Essendon 5s took on experienced Monash in the MSAC Centre Pool with the Essendon team oozing talent around the pool plus Haydo and Bryan played. Lee did the swim offs and won all 4. Andrew Cover played the first half in goals and was an unstoppable goalkeeping machine – apart from 6 times. But the main action was down the other end where Vince, Bryan, Lee and Sam scored goals with water polo so beautiful it resembled Elle MacPherson in her prime. 5-6 down at halftime. It was time to man up and show them who the king of Victorian MSL5 water polo is – we changed goalkeepers with long arms Wee taking the red cap!!! Essendon piled on 4 goals in the last quarter and we were leading by one goal with 26s remaining. Monash came down for one final attack and shot the ball with magnificent long arms Wee saving the Olympic level attempt. This caused a Monash 2m and the Monash player shot the ball straight from the corner and somehow the goal was scored David Copperfield style on the buzzer……..

I don’t know how that happened but it did…….a draw!

Essendon drew with Monash Uni Sea Lions : 11 – 11

Goals : team effort... Vince got 4

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