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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 17

WSL2 Report by Mietta Fink-Jensen

An important game for us WSL2 girls this week as it was the last round before finals. We went into it first on the ladder, playing NYP blue who sat second, so playing a strong game would set us up well for the finals. With a full team of 11, we were ready to go! We took control from the whistle, stopping any NYP goal opportunities aside from an unlucky goal that just slipped in. Phoebe, Alex and Sarah scored a goal each, making the score 3-1 at quarter time. The second quarter was a similar story, we put pressure on their attack and were easily able to control the game, allowing Ash and Maria to get on the scoreboard. Katie was killing it in goals (as usual) which also helped us have a strong quarter. An unlucky matchup in centre-forward meant a sneaky goal from NYP, leaving us at 5-2 at halftime. NYP were first on the board in the third quarter but must have been exhausted by their efforts because they were not able to catch Phoebe who scored after hanging back and receiving a long pass from Katie. Mietta scored a long shot and Sarah and Alex kept things moving with some great drives and centre-forward work, finishing the quarter at 8-4. NYP scored first again in the fourth after we dropped in defence, but Sarah got a beautiful centre-forward goal after wrapping around her player (pun as requested by Phoebe). Alex also made it onto the board again with her second 5m penalty shot of the game. NYP made a few weak attempts at catching up but were mostly unsuccessful, leaving us with a 4 goal win.

Essendon defeated the NYP Dragons (Blue) : 11 – 7

Goals : Sarah 3, Phoebe 2, Alex 2, Mietta 2, Maria 1, Ash 1

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

We went into this game knowing it was our last for the competition, with no chance of a finals appearance. Our opposition Monash were safely above us on the ladder and would be playing finals next week. So they were keen to play themselves into some good form. We were up for the challenge, and made a strong start winning the swim up and moving the ball forward. We missed our shot and the ball spent several minutes travelling up and down the pool without a break. Monash then managed to put one away before we equalised with a nice CF goal to Isi. Monash were quick to get their lead back, firing in another to take us into the break at 1-2. With the identical scoreline to last week's game (which we drew) we went into the second with enthusiasm and hope. We outplayed Monash for the most part, with some strong defence and consistent attacking plays that culminated in 2 goals to LisaMS (both her trademark "look away" shot). We let Monash score cheaply on one occasion, and made them work hard for their second, with Susan in goals keeping us well in the game. So the halftime break saw us down 3-4 after the refs and table conferred to change the electronic scoreboard from 2-5. Unfortunately a change in pool end resulted in a shift in performance as Monash stepped up and dominated the third. We were held scoreless, whilst they added another 3, now 3-7. We made a better effort of the final quarter, with both Sher and Isi scoring, but Monash continued to hit the back of the net with another 3. Thanks to Heidi's friend Alistaire for table duty! We look forward to the Winter Comp and some more consistent results!

Essendon were defeated by Monash : 5 - 10 Goals : Isabelle 2, LisaMS 2, Sheridan 1

MSL3-4 Report by Marcus Jones

Last round of the season and the Essendon boys take on the MC Otters team for first time (for many reasons) at MGGS at the appealing time of 9:20pm. Personally I was glad this is the first game against the MC as most of their players were in their early 20s and seemed to be fast swimmers – this isn’t the ethos of MSL3/4 – WPV get your entry conditions right!!!! Anyhow there was a lot of confusion about the standing of the game as our team had been promoted from bottom of the ladder to equal 4th without any games being played!!! Is finals on the cards??? We didn’t know?? We chose to ignore the ladder positions and just try and win the game. This was a hard fought game with very few goals and a lot of swimming mixed with tough wrestling. By half time the scores were locked at 1-1 and you could start to see the fatigue on our faces – but we manned up and kept going. At three quarter time it was still locked at 2-2 and we could sense something special was going to happen. And it did……….fatigue!!! After we scored the 1st goal in last quarter the MC Otters started to exercise fast break after fast break. Junaid our Goalie played an incredible game but the last quarter onslaught was too much by the end of the game we were 3 – 5 down. A great game by our team only to be ruined by the lack of WPV policy protection for fat old people in MSL3/4. We might be playing finals next week anyhow as there is a rumour WPV will split the MSL3 & MSL4 teams for finals – WPV will tell us one day. Regardless the Essendon boys have had a great time with the Monash guys and we thank Monash for the combined team – it has been a lot of fun – we will do it again!!

Essendon/Monash were defeated by the MC Otters : 3 – 5 Goals : Lee 2, Kai 1

MSL6 Report by Bryan Wee

With the last minute withdrawal of Nick to care for his son and Liam’s coming to the rescue it was disappointing to see numbers stack up on the other side. Never mind. We’re young and fit in our memories! The game started with a good link up and cherry pick drive by Sam to give us a 1-1 first quarter. Unfortunately they got one from distance and we were behind 2-1 at the break. An even second quarter with two great goals by Ben - a penalty and a drive saw us still behind. Time to dig in! Haydo and Bryan managed to even things up and we went into the last quarter even. A goal to Bryan put us up but unfortunately our defence failed us in the last minute and another draw it was. Great effort by the boys considering we didn’t have a bench but we are the KINGS OF DRAWS!!!!

Essendon drew with the NYP Dragons : 6 – 6 Goals : Ben 2, Bryan 2, Sam 1, Hayden

JNR MEN - SEMI FINAL Report by Mike Holtz

After a few games with short numbers, we had a majority of the team available for our Junior Men elimination final. The coaching instructions for the first quarter were simple - clear communication- accurate passing - take your time. The boys took that and ran with it and stormed out to an 8-0 lead at quarter time. The second quarter mirrored the first with the exception of allowing the opposition to score. A 14-1 halftime lead allowed the boys to try some new positions and start preparing for next weeks Gold medal match.

Essendon/MC/Richmond defeated the Geelong Marlins : 26 – 4

Goals : Josh 6, Will 5, Nic 5, Cass 4, Lucas 2, Brandon 2, Xav 1, Sam 1

U14 MIXED - ROUND 15 Report by Alex Steere

As the season draws to a close, the last few games have been scheduled to be played against teams of similar ability. Today we lined up against Northcote, who also had a few older players in their team. We struggled to play our usual dominant game. With Northcote having a tall and skilled goalie defending the smaller junior size goals, it made it a lot harder for us to score. Our defence was strong, but easily broken down by fast breaks and cherry picking. Although Luke played well in goals to stop a few fast breaks. We worked hard to get our shots on goal, but they were shut down by Northcote’s goalie. With only the one game for the day, we didn’t have a chance to redeem ourselves. However with our last game for the season next week against Northcote again we have one more chance.

Essendon were defeated by Northcote : 2 – 12 Goals : Emily 1, Bonnie 1

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