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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 4

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

Still missing Katie and Phoebe, and not being able to call on Olivia and Claudia due to exams, we still managed to bring 9 players to the game bolstered by the dynamic mother/daughter duo Danielle and Emily. One surprise attendee was Lilly whose Richmond team had a bye, leaving her able to slot back into Essendon. One Holtz wasn't enough either, with Darren away, Josh took over the coaching reins (so long as by coaching you mean "yelling at the players"). Actually that sounds like an accurate description of what Darren does as well. Footscray could only muster 7, and after 2 defaults in their 3 games, they would be pretty pleased to bring a full team. The game was fairly tight for the first 2 quarters as both teams traded goals. Unlike last week where NYP was always ahead, this time it was Essendon who were always first to score with Footscray battling to catch up. The Footscray team were pretty rough under the water but our team stuck at it, ignoring the provocations being put in front of them. The dividend showed in the third as Footscray tired a little. Essendon swapped Maria out of goal and put Lara in, which gave some fresh legs in the field. Essendon slowly pushed out to a 10-6 lead, and then extended that into the final quarter. Footscray had a player fouled out leaving them down to 6. Essendon made it to 13-7 with 2 minutes to go before one of the Footscray players received an accidental elbow to the head and had to be assisted from the field. Due to potentially spinal damage she was held flat in the water for 10 minutes before being hospitalised for observation. Meanwhile the game was called off with Essendon being comfortable winners.

Essendon defeated Footscray : 13 – 7

Goals : Lilly 5, Mietta 3, Alex 2, Sarah 2, LisaAndo 1

WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

With a sizeable 9 players on the cards and a glorious sunny day, it was hard to imagine things taking a turn for the worse. It started with a roster change and positive Covid test and suddenly we were down to 7. Then the rains came down and down and down... flooding the roads and creating traffic chaos on the back of peak hour, on a night we had an early 6.30pm start. We had 5 signed on by the game start time, with our other 2 players just minutes away. Our opposition only had 6, and rather than risk this young development side being hammered by what they thought would be a full squad, coach Perri had decided on the way in, that she would play goalie, thus invalidating the game (as she was planning to play in the SL2 game afterwards, her regular gig). So they'd handed us a forfeit in order to play 7 on 7 and give their girls a better game experience. Ironically, we started off with just 5 in the pool. Even then, a swimup win by Clare, passed back to Isi, then passed back to Clare on a sprint towards the cage won us the first goal for the game. Then it got tight, as we had to defend 4 on 6 for several minutes before our other 2 girls arrived and got in. Even with 7 on 7 we couldn't get our passes and shots on point. So 1-0 up at the first break. Then it was full steam ahead. A goal to Clare and Isi in the second, while we kept NYP goaless. Just a single in the third to LisaMS while NYP managed their first for the game; now up 4-1. In the final quarter Clare once more managed 3 goals to secure the "friendly" game by a margin of 6 goals. Thankyou to Amber for donning the L plates and doing her first table duty!

Essendon defeated the NYP Dragons : 8 – 0 (FORFEIT RECEIVED)

"Friendly" Game Score : 7-4 win / Goals : Clare 5, Isabelle 1, LisaMS 1

MSL4 Report by Marcus Jones

The Essendon men teamed up with Monash Uni to take on Old Melburnians who are a MSL3 team in a league cross over game. Our team only had the bare 7 players (4 from Essendon) against a fitter, stronger, younger team with 2 on the bench. The first half was us as a team still learning to play with each other. At half time the score was 2-5 – that’s right we were in strife. However dear reader I can tell you the team did the Essendon colours proud (even though we were wearing Monash hats) Lee, Vince and young Lucas lifted in the 2nd half along with our Monash team mates and we scored the next 5 goals – Boom!! The game is ours!! So what does your author do in the dying seconds?? Shoots the ball for a gallant miss allowing the opposition to get the ball and promptly score following a fast break... 😳however that was the last score of the game and we still claimed victory!!! This was an impressive win as we outplayed a stronger team in the 2nd half through strong swimming, great defence and smart attack. Well done fellas!!!

Essendon/Monash defeated MSL3 Old Melburnians : 7 – 5 Goals : Vince 2, Lee 2, Lucas 2, Marcus 1

MSL6 Report by Bryan Wee

What a struggle. Haydo barely got there in time for the start with the bag. We struggled to get into our bathers post covid (cue new gear order now boys!) and they had 5 on the bench to our one. How is that even fair. The first half was so slow that only Haydo got a goal. We all peppered the goal post from even one meter out and their goalie was solid saving a 5 m penalty from me (okay not that hard if you barely make the distance) but also a couple of 1 on 1 fast breaks. We were 1-3 down at half time looking down the barrel of defeat. Thankfully our patience paid off in the 3rd quarter, breaking the drought with 4 goals (3 from Nick in 3 mins!) this gave us a narrow one goal lead into the last before the brothers Venosta did their thing slamming 3 in between them to put the result beyond doubt. Phew!

Essendon defeated Melb Surge (BLUE) : 8 – 5 Goals : Nick 3, Liam 2, Hayden 1, Bryan 1, Michael 1

MSL6 Game Night Team Photo Courtesy of Marcus Jones

JNR MEN Report by Mike Holtz *R6 Game*

This weekend another 2 games were scheduled. Our R5 game was a Bye, so we played R6. The boys combined with MC and Richmond again to play another amalgamated side in NYP/Geelong. Some fine left-handed shooting from Hugo started off the game with an early 2-0 lead. While the lead seemed like it grew in the first, the final scorecard didn’t reflect it. Not that it mattered as the boys were communicating, passing, and shooting well. Hugo continued scoring in the 2nd adding in Nick and Josh to the scorer’s list as well. The team showed tenacity in chasing down fast breaks and applying solid defensive pressure, but one stray fast break and an excellent lob shot in the final second by NYP/Geelong got them on the board, but we were still ahead at halftime 7-2. The third quarter saw the boys continue their defensive pressure with some notably good work from Will on both ends of the pool to generate plays off defensive steals and excellent passing in to goal scorers. Lucas joined the scoring list off well read plays and getting the early fast break. Entering the 4th with a 11-3 lead, the boys worked on ball movement and incorporating more of the team in scoring. Will and Brandon joined the goal scorers while tough defensive efforts held NYP to 2 in the period. The boys with the win over NYP on the back of a solid, wire-to-wire performance.

Essendon United defeated the NYP Dragons / Geelong Marlins : 17 – 4

Goals : Josh 6, Nick 3, Hugo 3, Will 2, Lucas 2, Brandon 1

U14 MIXED Report by Alex Steere

GAME 1 : The first game of the day was a perfect display of how well the players are beginning to work together as a team. All game long, we worked hard to put on the pressure in defence, steal the ball and work it up the pool to score. Most of our goals came from a series of passes as we started to look for the player who was open for the shot. A beautiful combination of passes between Frankie, Margot and Beth set Jack up for a goal. Beth’s missed shot became Frankie’s goal after she chased down the rebound. In defence, we also started helping each other out to make sure we had all the players covered and put the pressure on in defence. Emily’s speed cut down any fast breaks and gave the team time to come back and steal the ball away. Every game we develop more as a team and are working together to play the game.

Essendon defeated the MC Dolphins : 18 – 2 Goals : Jack 5, Wesley 4, Amelia 3, Frankie 2, Beth 2

GAME 2 : We were warned before the game even started that Northcote love to swim, counter attack and cherry pick. We set Emily up to cover their counters, and she chased them down every time, putting pressure on their shots. Even at times taking on 3 players at once! But this was a tougher game than the last as both teams worked hard in defence to steal back the ball. Nate was relentless in defence, working hard to steal the ball and keep it protected so we had a chance to attack. The game was tied at half time with 2 goals each and the pressure was on the team to fight back. Luke stepped up and made some spectacular steals, making it difficult for Northcote to score. It was a tight game all the way to the end, but Northcote were able to hold onto their lead to win by a goal. Another incredible game by the team, despite the narrow loss!

Essendon were defeated by Northcote : 4 – 5 Goals : Emily 1, Bonnie 1, Amelia 1, Jack 1

U14 BOYS Report by Darren Steere

The boys fronted up on a beautiful Sunday morning at Melbourne High School. We were facing the combined team from Monash & NYP, and the game got off to a fairly even start. Both teams were moving the ball up and down the pool. We created a couple of good chances in front of goal, with Jack eventually slotting one, but not before they had added 4. [Q1: 1-4]

The second quarter saw us waste our chances with the ball. Turning the ball over with little or no pressure. Our only real chance came through Henry and he converted from Centre Forward. But this was the only joy for the rest of the game. [Q2:2-8]

The week off didn’t do us any favours and we threw the ball away with bad passes and then we didn’t man up and Monash/NYP pushed the scoreboard along. [Q3: 2-12] [Q4: 2-15]

Monday training will consist of contest work with moving into position. We’ve played better against better opposition, so hopefully next game we’ll be back on track.

Essendon were defeated by Monash/NYP Dragons : 2 – 15 Goals : Jack 1, Henry 1

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