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2023-2024 Summer State League - R16

WSL2 - Report by Torben Fink-Fensen

With 6 players not available this week we started with 9 vs 10 which at least gave us a bench against the top team. Maria started strongly in CF and managed to shoot two goals to keep us in the game. At the other end, some hard to fathom decisions caused LisaAndo and Olivia to both get 2 kickouts in the first quarter, which gave us some concerns about their ability to stay in the water until the end of the game. NYP's goals followed and they went out to a 2-4 lead. In the 2nd quarter, goals were hard to come by for both teams and a single from Alex kept us close, but the game ran away from us in the 3rd quarter with NYP getting a few fast breaks and using their experience to swim around our girls. Maria and Alex added goals to their tally to leave us at 5-11. We impressed in the final term, winning the quarter with some dedicated swimming. LisaAndo was able to get a brace and Mietta chimed in with one as we finished with a bang at 8-13. Not our worst result for the season and something to work on as we head into the Autumn break.

Essendon was defeated by the NYP Dragons Blue : 8 - 13   Goals : Maria 3, Alex 2, LisaAndo 2, Mietta 1

Below : WSL2 game night action, courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen (see more on our FB page)

WSL3 - Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

Coming up against St Caths for our final game of the competition was never going to end well. While you always go into a game with enthusiasm and hope, sometimes you just have to accept the inevitable. Our intensions were good, but we were seriously down on speed and shooting power, with Clara, Amelia, Clare and Laura all unavailable and our solid CB LisaAs interstate on holidays. But we still managed 9 dedicated players who did their best against a side intent on squeezing every last bit of life out of us. Literally and figuratively. We played a pretty reasonable game, but missing every single scoring shot we had (including 2 penalties) whilst St Caths made theirs count. One of our worst scorecards for this comp. A disappointing end as I feel this team has so much more potential than what the scorecard shows. At least the afterparty was a happier environment, as we toasted the end of the Summer Comp - and now look forward to Autumn!

Special thanks to all those that did table duty for us this comp! Very much appreciated!

Essendon were defeated by StCaths : 0 - 12

Below : WSL3 girls enjoying dinner at the Railway Hotel

MSL4 - Report by Bryan Wee

It was a warm night filled with excitement. The game plan was simple. Pass it to Millsy. Until we realized there were two of them.  Change of game plan. Don’t pass it to the good looking Millsy. And full press. 

With that in mind we launched into it and were 1 Mills goal up before Vince decided he had different plans and shot two. Typical south Australian. Lee chipped in 1 too showing Victoria has simple folk both east and west of it. Going into the quarter time break memories were jogged. Millsy. Pass it to Millsy. Thankfully in the second quarter we did as told. Leaving the score Millsy 3 - Ajax 1. Problem is Vince shot two. (Haydo claims he shot 4 but Millsy and Vince stole his goals in the book). Andrew did his job in goals stopping a five meter and Bryan evened things up by missing from 1.5 meters out. It was contagious. Lee also managed to miss from half a meter. But is it a shot if you drop the ball while picking it up? The refs seemed to be playing the mercy rule but we soldiered on… passing it to Millsy at every opportunity. Even when he was on the bench.   All in all a strong performance by all. Good passing and Lucas is clearly some sort magician reaching around and stealing more balls than should be possible.

Looking forward to the final at Caulfield Grammar on Saturday against Geelong ….

Essendon defeated Ajax : 13 - 2   Goals : Ryan 6, Vince 4, Lee 3

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