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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 5

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

We had a record high 11 players this week which gave us an advantage over NYP with 8. Both terms were energetic in the pool with NYP getting the first attack but hitting the underside of the crossbar. Essendon were first on the board and stayed in front, although NYP weren't lying down, continuing to draw level. Alex led the charge with 3 goals in this quarter, and then Sarah scored late in the term to give us a 4-3 lead. Essendon started the 2nd with a goal to make it 5-3, but we made heavy weather of the rest of the quarter, missing a penalty and having to defend while a player down on two occasions. Eventually NYP scored but we got one straight back to make it 6-5 at half time. Essendon came to life in the 3rd quarter as we tried to take advantage of NYP's tiring legs. NYP were also in a bit of foul trouble with 3 players on 2 fouls, so their defense had softened and we'd opened up an 11-7 lead by the end of the term. The 4th quarter was a bit helter skelter with both teams having overlaps at various stages. The Tullochs came to the party again firstly with Emily throwing a great shot which was unfortunately left hanging on the line. The goalie grabbed it but Lisa Ando came through and managed to push it in. Danielle then had her chance and also had the goalie save her shot but she got a second go and made no mistake. Emily also saved an almost certain goal at the end by swimming back at top speed and holding up her player until the final whistle went giving us a solid win.

Essendon defeated the NYP Dragons : 16 – 10

Goals : Alex 7, Sarah 3, LisaAndo 2, Lara 1, Danielle 1, Mietta 1, Olivia 1

WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

This week we had everyone onboard bar one player - selfishly still on holidays in WA. That gave us a bench of 3 for the night, against a young fit side inappropriately named Old Ivanhoe. We started with just a single on the bench before our 9th player rocked up, but the tone for the night had been set and it was evident there would be lots of swimming. Who would have thought right? Isabelle did the hard yards early with solid support from Sheridan and we scored. Ivanhoe put away two, and LisaAs made up for her late start with a nice equalising goal before the break. So we were holding up well at 2-2. As the second quarter got underway we struggled to man up. There was no talking or anticipating their attacking play and we were tiring, simply gazing at our opponents as they broke away towards goal, leaving Susan to face the music, often two on one. We watched as they scored 4 goals. Now down 2-6. At least we had our 11th player rock up before halftime to significantly bolster our swimming capabilities. Susan and guest coach Marcus Jones laid down the law during the break and we lifted in the third. Clare had an immediate impact and scored, but Ivanhoe did too. Then Sher slotted a nice one and we were starting to turn the tide at 4-7. The final quarter was lack lustre on both sides, just a hard slog with the bench getting a good workover, but equally adding to some disorganisation in the pool. We didn't score, but kept them to a single. We need to ensure our defense is tighter when we face these ladies again... because despite their age and speed, we could hold our own!

Essendon were defeated by Old Ivanhoe : 4 – 8 Goals : Isabelle 1, LisaAs 1, Clare 1, Sheridan 1

MSL4 Report by Marcus Jones

With teams dropping out of the MSL3 and MSL4 grades, a decision was made to combine the two. So effectively it was an unexpected promotion for the SL4 teams and a switch of playing nights, now on a Wednesday. Because of this, our combined SL4 Ess/Mon squad had minimum numbers as we faced the stronger Monash SL3 out at the fancy Caulfield Grammar pool. Our four Essendon boys were supported by three Monash Uni students (one of which had run a half marathon earlier in the afternoon) against 8 big middle aged men. Dear readers our team put on a brilliant display of water polo for the first 3 quarters. We defended well, swam hard and made position and effectively used most of our chances. At three quarter time we were up by one goal 6-5. Unfortunately our marathon runner then severely cramped and was out for the rest of the game. The cramping was contagious as two other team members cramped at the start of the last quarter leaving us with 3 effective field players – we battled on and whilst we didn’t win the game we can all be proud on how we played and got so close before calamity.

Essendon/Monash 4s were defeated by Monash 3s : 6 – 8 Goals : Lucas 3, Vince 1, Lee 1, Marcus 1


Unfortunately we didn't have the numbers tonight, and were forced to call in a forfetit.

Essendon were defeated by Richmond : 0 – 8 (FORFEIT GIVEN)

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