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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 8

WSL2 Report by Darren Steere

We had an early game for us, 7.30pm at Melb High and the traffic caught a couple of us out. As the game time approached, the team sheet filled up to ten very keen players. This week's game was against a Richmond Tigers team that had a nice blend of youth and experience. Very similar to ourselves. The game got underway and was a very tight affair with both teams sizing each other up. We had a couple of nice chances on goal, but only Alex was able to slot one home, down 1-2 at the break. The next quarter, I felt we went up one gear as we pressured Richmond to turn the ball over, mainly on shot clock. This built more pressure on Richmond and they gave away a penalty, that Alex converted. Ando was now nicely warmed up and shot two into the old onion bag. Phoebe jagged one from CF and Danielle shot truly from the right hand side. A more favorable scoreline at halftime, up 6-4. Our outside pressure, in pressing, but not fouling was better in the third, and Katie had her MoJo back in goals. Sarah, Ash and Olivia were making good positions to stretch Richmond and allow shots on goal. Olivia scored, then Mietta with two, Ando another and Phoebe added one more before the siren stretching our lead to 11-5. In the final term,Richmond were finding it hard to set a CF and their driving was well covered by players helping out each other. Olivia started this quarter by nearly smashing a window with her first attempt, but soon found range with her next. Mietta added her third for the game, with Ando quietly adding another. Then it was the Emily show, as her strong swimming all night paid dividends, opening the game up for her and she bagged two fast break goals. All in all a good game with still room for improvement. Defence to attack transition!!!!!

Essendon defeated the Richmond Tigers : 16 – 8

Goals : LisaAndo 4, Mietta 3, Emily 2, Olivia 2, Phoebe 2, Alex 2, Danielle 1

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

With a scheduled bye this week, we decided it was time for a team dinner, or pre-Xmas gathering to celebrate the year that was. Whilst we couldn't get everyone there (a bit like game night!) the girls made quick work of their meals and enjoyed a lovely cold bevereage 🍷

WSL3 gathering at The Railway Hotel (courtesy of Lisa Murray-Segal)

MSL3-4 Report by Marcus Jones

The Ess/Monash4s played Melb Surge this week in a high intensity game of water polo. Like everyone else, our team had to deal with COVID and crap Melbourne traffic to cobble together a team of 8. Vince started the game in goals and Lee won the first swim off against fit people – well done Lee!! We got out to a fast start scoring the first goal with the team playing well and keeping up the pace with the fit Melbourne Serge team. We lacked a bit of structure in the 1st half which cost us a goal or two but overall we were playing quite well. At half time we made our big strategic play – Vince out of goals and into centre forward, Jones out of play and into goals. Dear readers let me tell you this move was massive. Vince played an unbelievable second half out wrestling and out shooting the Surge defence. Vince was Tex Walker like and was directly responsible for 4 goals in the 2nd half which is handy because Jones was directly responsible for letting 4 goals go thru in the 2nd half creating a water polo spectacle. Well done to the team – everyone played well and after an uncertain start to the season we have started to bind together as a team very nicely.

Essendon/Monash defeated Melbourne Surge : 7 – 5 (Goals TBC)

MSL6 Report by Marcus Jones

With an early game time of 6pm, we were unable to field a team for this game and had to forfeit. With work committments, COVID cases and Melbourne traffic impact the squad of 13, we could only muster 4 players.

Essendon were defeated by Melbourne Surge Green : 0 – 8 (FORFEIT)

JNR MEN Report by (editor)

Our "Essendon United" Junior Men's team had a scheduled bye this week, but will be back in the pool next Sunday against NYPD/Geelong.

U14 MIXED Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

The MC Dolphins are one of the younger teams we have played, but you couldn't fault their enthusiasm as 13 players took the field. Essendon were in command from the start, being very calm about their work and keeping a good structure, despite the goals not coming in the first quarter, with just Wesley slotting home. Essendon pounced on any MC attacks and kept the ball at the correct end of the pool, up 1-0 at the break. The passes definitely stuck in the 2nd quarter with 6 players each scoring a goal, including Toby who shot over the goalkeeper's head, the ball perfectly dipping in time. The spread of goals showed how well this group were playing as a team, giving us a 7-0 lead at half time. We switched Wesley into goals in the third quarter and Emily and Bonnie spent long periods out of the game to give everybody else a good swim. Our defence remained strong and we picked out players in space well, allowing us to ease to an 11-1 scoreline, this time with Amelia and Beth getting on the scoresheet. The final quarter was more of the same with Bonnie and Emily coming back in to finish the game off.

Essendon defeated MC Dolphins : 14 - 1 Goals : Emily 3, Bonnie 3, Amelia 3, Wesley 2, Beth 2, Toby 1

U14 Mixed Game Day Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

U14 BOYS Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

We started off well, holding out their first attacks, with Felix making himself big in goals and saving some good shots. Then Essendon went on attack, and had a great 2 on 1 but couldn't convert. Essendon continued to hold out until the 2 min mark when MC managed a few quick goals to blow out the scoresheet to 0-3. We also had some bright moments in the 2nd quarter with Jack having a couple of good one on one chances with the goalie. Unfortunately the crossbar and post were in the way each time which prevented a score. MC were out-swimming us but defensively we were fighting to stay in the game but looking at a 0-6 scoreline at halftime. In the third we managed our first goal, with Liam getting in front of goal and receiving a pin point pass. He turned and shot into the bottom corner of the net giving the goalie no chance. Zac and Trish were also giving themselves a chance of scoring with good swims. At the other end, we were starting to tire and MC found their range to pot a few more goals and make it 1-14. Felix again made a couple of good saves in the final quarter to keep the score down, and we had a couple of good attacks which didn't turn into goals but definitely hurried up their team.

Essendon were defeated by the MC Seals : 1 – 18 Goals : Liam 1

U14 Boys Game Day Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

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