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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 9

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

This week we faced the Richmond Cubs. Every time we play a Richmond team, it feels like we are playing the same girls - partly because they all look fairly similar, and partly, like tonight, because we ARE playing the same girls - with Richmond moving players from team to team as required. This had us scouring the rulebooks to check the legality of this tactic, but that is a call for others to make, so onto the game. Essendon were without star players Alex (out with COVID) and Sarah, but nevertheless with exams over we did have a decent bench. Richmond were boosted by a couple of additional girls at the beginning of the game to match us 10 v 10. Richmond scored first from a long-range field shot, but Essendon soon countered and then went ahead with a second. The game was fast flowing and both teams had good breaks. The goalmouth action was pretty tight as well with a few multi-player tussles close into the cage. Richmond returned fire and then we scored again, only to have Richmond reply to make it 3-3 at quarter time. Richmond picked up their game in the second with a couple of CF goals. Essendon then replied with pressure and a strong shot to pull back to 4-5. Then we got a penalty which Mietta converted and it was 5-5, the score it remained at up to half time. The game continued to be topsy turvy with Essendon getting another penalty but with Richmond getting breaks and kickouts to get to 7-7. Katie was doing her usual acrobatics in goal, keeping Essendon in the game. The Richmond swimming legs were starting to show up though, allowing them to ease out to 7-9 and with Essendon missing a penalty, we couldn't close the gap. Essendon were on the board early in the 4th quarter, making us think we'd be able to overhaul Richmond, but in a frenetic last quarter, they pulled away with stronger breaks. It was tiring just watching the play go from end to end but Richmond retailed their advantage and came out winners.

Essendon was defeated by the Richmond Cubs : 9 – 12

Goals : Maria 3, Mietta 3, Olivia 1, LisaAndo 1, Phoebe 1

WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

We were back at the start of our draw, and were facing StCaths for the second time this comp. We surprised ourselves first time around with an 8-7 win against a team that have dominated the WSL3 competitoin for 3yrs. So we were nervously excited about the prospect of a repeat performance and bouyed by the fact it was our last game for the year. Nine names were on the teamsheet, but we started with just 7 as one headed to the wrong pool and another was stuck in traffic. They got the jump early, winning the swimup and scoring the first goal. Our 8th player hit the water and we felt some relief against their squad of 10. Plenty of back and forth without troubling the table, finishing at 0-1 for the quarter. We fought back in the second, keeping them scoreless with solid defence and pressure, whilst Isi had a purple patch in front of goal, well supported by Sal, Sher and Taryn putting 3 into the back of the net. Now in front 3-1 at the halftime break. Just before we started the third, our 9th player rocked up just in time to sign on and get into the game. It was a tough physical contest as usual and we were tiring though still enthusiastic. They got the better of us in the third, scoring 2 goals to our single, taken by Isi. So we started the final quarter up by a goal (4-3). Things got hectic. Arms, hands and nails crept into play (more so than usual!) and each team scored twice, before the clock showed just 20secs remained. StCaths had the ball in our attack zone, we just needed to press, not foul, force them to run down the clock away from the goal and the game would be ours.... Well. Shoulda, coulda, wasn't. They had a pot-shot lob from halfway...and yes, it went in! Stole it from us... a draw. A disappointing end, but we know we have their measure now. Thanks to Amber and Drew for trying to keep the scorecard valid under duress... and we hope Sher's black eye and Georgias facial bruising recover quickly...

Essendon drew with St Catherine's : 6 - 6 Goals : Isabelle 4, Sheridan 1, Taryn 1

MSL3-4 Report by Marcus Jones

A Wednesday night game for the MSL4 boys this week meant low numbers against a higher ranked MSL3 NYP Dragons team out at Caufield Grammar. The team put on a brilliant three quarter performance from winning the first swim off (thanks to Lee the Silver Fox) and scoring the first goal (thanks to young Lucas). This theme continued with the whole team working very hard at both ends of the pool creating many opportunities to score and stealing the ball off the opposition multiple times. The score at three quarter time was 8-4 to the good guys. However only having 8 players proved to be a problem for the last quarter as many of the team were spent (I was a prime example) – all the opportunities we created in the first part of the game disappeared and NYP got on top. In the end we gained possession enough to win the game but it was looking shaky for a while. Well done to the whole team as we battled hard at both ends of the pool all night and demonstrated some great team work.

Essendon/Monash defeated the NYP Dragons : 8 – 6 Goals : Lucas 3, Lee 2, Kai 1, Vince 1, Marcus 1

MSL6 Report by Bryan Wee

Against the top of the ladder team, not having any subs was rough. Our fitness is not quite there. Especially mine. It showed. We were able to match them and even better them in set up attacks but got killed on fast break turnovers. Overall a fair game and a few unfortunate missed opportunities. Felt a bit like England against a slicker French side. The score didn’t reflect some good tussles and a solid game. Essendon defeated by old hailebury 12-2. Goals Michael and Bryan in CF.

Essendon were defeated by Old Haileybury : 2 – 12 Goals : Michael 1, Bryan 1

JNR MEN Report by (editor)

Our "Essendon United" Junior Men's team were scheduled to play the combined NYP Dragons/Geelong Marlins team on Sunday, but received a forfeit when they were unable to field a team.

Essendon defeated the NYP Dragons / Geelong Marlins : 8 – 0 (FORFEIT)

U14 MIXED Report by (editor)

There was no game scheduled for our mixed team this weekend.

U14 BOYS Report by Darren Steere

Richmond were our foe at Melbourne High School this week, and we faced them with only six players. The Cubs gave us Harvey to get the game started. Richmond are sitting 3rd on the ladder and we pressed them hard in the first quarter. Josh arrived, just after start time, to give us one on the bench. We were not quite balancing our positioning in the pool, and we got caught out of position on a couple of occasions. This lead to Richmond getting one on one with Felix in goals and gaining the upper hand, out to 0-4 by quarter time. We adjusted in the second, and stopped their counter attack, while applying pressure on their goal. Whilst we didn’t manage to score, we did keep them down to just 2, making it 0-6 at the halftime break. Harvey handed back our cap, and we gave it to Darcy. Again we put the brakes on and held Richmond to a single goal, but again we were unlucky not to score ourselves. Starting the final term at 0-7, the cubs began to score freely as we tired from a fair bit of swimming/chasing. We are starting to play some good polo in patches, so we just need to stretch those periods longer.

Essendon were defeated by the Richmond Cubs : 0 – 13

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