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2022-2023 Summer State League - Rounds 13 & 14

R14 - WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

We continued to have a good turnout within the team with the return of Lara giving us 11 players this week, despite no Tullochs. With Melbourne Uni having 8, Essendon wanted to play a high tempo game. Melbourne Uni weren't the fastest team which allowed our players time to defend and then sweep back on attack. We also had time to get back to defend potential fast breaks, meaning that in combination with solid defending, we made it difficult for Melbourne Uni to find scoring chances. At the other end, our players were able to get out in front on attack and Ash and Alex were both able to goal from having front water. Lara also found herself in space and showed no signs of rust with a well timed shot from the 6m line, leaving Essendon 3-0 up at quarter time. We remained strong on attack during the second quarter. At one stage, Alex and Phoebe both found themselves in space and sprinting for the line, and somehow their goalie stopped Alex's shot and sent the ball down the pool, leaving Alex and Phoebe isolated at the other end, debating better ways to play that scenario. Luckily we intercepted on defence and the ball found its way back to the two of them, still in clear space, and this time they followed the 2 on 1 textbook and Phoebe scored. Melbourne Uni's goal keeper was definitely playing a blinder, and we were finding it hard to score and had to be happy with a 7-1 scoreline at half time. In the third, another 5 or so goal scoring chances didn't stick, again through great goalkeeping. Our defence was solid though with Katie relatively untroubled with the exception of a few stretching saves. There was never any sense that Essendon might lose, but the goal-scoring had slowed as we went to the break 9-2 up. We kept the pressure on in the final quarter and the shots to goal ratio became a little better as we launched wave after wave of attacks against a tiring team. Their defence remained pretty sound and their goalie never faltered as she saved several sure goals. In a scoring quirk, every Essendon outfield player scored at least one goal today.

Essendon were defeated by Footscray : 14 – 2

Goals : Ash 2, Alex 2, Maria 2, Mietta 2, Olivia 1, Lara 1, Phoebe 1, Sarah 1, Claudia 1, LisaAndo 1

WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

R14 - WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

With StCaths sitting 3rd on the ladder, 2 places above us, this was going to be a challenging match, but we'd proven previously we were up for the task with one win and one draw against them in this comp already. Missing Heidi, LisaAs, and Sandra we went into this game with 9 worthy warriors and started with a bang, winning the swim up and scoring through Taryn. Then things settled, and StCaths got into the game. It was an arm wrestle with neither team getting a decent grip. So we finsihed the quarter up 1-0. The second quarter saw them come out strongly. Our defence was holding well at CB and the wings, but we took the pressure off players in the middle around the 6m mark, and they hammered in 3 goals. We pegged one back through Lauren, before they scored again, going into the halftime break down 1-4. Despite identifying what we needed to do, we couldn't achieve the result we were after. Apparently a CB coming over the shoulders of a CF is not an offence and neither is drowning your opponent without the ball. They scored 5 unanswered goals in the third. We came out fighting in the final quarter, scoring a nice goal through Sheridan and keeping them to just a single. If only our whole game could reflect our first and final quarter efforts! Ah well.... Thanks to Drew for being our professional (paid by mum) table person, much appreciated 👏👏👏

Essendon were defeated by St.Catherine's : 3 - 10 Goals : Taryn 1, Lauren 1, Sheridan 1

R14 - MSL3-4 Report by Marcus Jones

To be brutally honest the team this week was a little sleepy – some guys arrived in a sleeping bag and others didn’t know what cap they were – well being honest that was me only – both counts. Anyhow with Lucas away due to a bad haircut and Vincent trying to pick up 60 somethings at a Sting concert we had our avenue to goal significantly reduced. We tried hard………like really hard. We swam so hard we had recorded heart rates in the 200s however we lacked passing skills and continuously turned the ball over. Pleasingly we tried equally as hard in defence but we constantly put ourselves under too much pressure. At the end of the game we thought we lost 6-8 but Silver Fox Lee dipped into his superannuation account and paid off the referee and therefore the recorded result was a 7 all draw…….awesome!! Great work everyone!

Essendon/Monash drew with the NYP Dragons : 7 – 7

Goals : team effort!

R14 - MSL6 Report by Bryan Wee

What dramas this afternoon. All because of Ed Sheeran. Who was going? Who wasn’t? Who was injured? Who was sick? We thought we’d have two subs but ended up even. Imagine our delight when we found MelbSurge was man down!! We capitalized but wasted opportunities. 3-0 was our lead until they evened up at the end of the first quarter. What was good to see was our playing extra man set up. which we continued to get right, throughout the rest of the game! The second quarter was a bit disappointing out the gates. They scored two quick ones to be 3-2! What happened? Fortunately we got a few from outside to make up for the donuts we were getting in centreforward. Great outside shooting from Nick and Luke to square up the quarter. We only had our man down lead and they matched us in the third where goals were hard to come by. We needed to do better and we did. Finally things opened up in the 4th. While we missed a few, we were also ruthless in defence with pressure and steals. Good in getting the 3rd or 4th man free to shoot and finished the game comfortably. With three goals. Good effort by the boys.

Essendon defeated Melbourne Surge Orange : 9 – 3

Goals : Nick 3, Luke 2, Hayden 1, Liam 1, Andrew 1, Bryan 1

R13 - JNR MEN Report by Mike Holtz

The top sides in this 18&U grade faced off on Sunday with the boys going up against DVE. Still not up to full strength with injuries, we borrowed Max from the Richmond 16s side to have one on the bench. First half goals to Will, Xav, and Nic kept the contest close, 3-5 at the halftime break. Two quick goals to Nic in the third brought us within a goal, but DVE’s strong bench brought them home. Essendon were defeated by DVE Aquatic : 6 – 11 Goals : Nic 3, Will 2, Xav 1

R13 - U14 MIXED Reports by Alex Steere

GAME 1 For this game our focus was team work, as we always play our best games when we work together as a team, and keep up the talk around the pool. Our defence was strong in the first quarter and we kept Geelong away from the goals. Their goalie was strong though, and we couldn’t get anything past her long arms! The advice for the second quarter was to shoot low, to try get past the goalie. Both Wesley and Emily took the advice and snuck a goal each right under her arms. Geelong also scored this quarter making it 2-1 at half time. Our only goal in the third quarter came right after the swim up. We lost the swim up but managed to quickly steal the ball back. Bonnie swam it down to the goals and again scored with a low shot. Geelong scored another two making it 3 all going into the last quarter. We needed to put more pressure on Geelong this quarter and Toby worked hard on their strongest player. Not giving him an inch in front of goals. Twice Toby blocked the shot, but unfortunately Geelong got the rebound in the goals. Olive scored a great shot to bring us back into the game and Bonnie scored another to get us the win!

Essendon defeated the Geelong Marlins : 5 – 4 Goals : Bonnie 2, Olive 1, Wesley 1, Emily 1

GAME 2 Our second game for the day, again focusing on team work. We kept up the intensity in defence from the earlier game preventing Richmond from scoring in the first quarter. It also helped that Olive played a great quarter as goalie making a pretty stunning fast break save! Bonnie, Beth and Amelia scored 3 for us in the first quarter giving us a nice lead. There was lots of impressive team work in the second quarter, passing the ball around in front of goals to set up the best player for the shot. Team work like this shows just how far the team has improved this season! Wesley scored two goals and another from Bonnie made us 6-1 at half time. Olive had also come out of goals and was working hard in defence, making it difficult for Richmond to get a shot away. We let Richmond in a little in the third quarter, they scored three goals. Our only one of the quarter coming from a great steal from Bonnie, who passed up to Amelia on a fast break who scored. However we started the 4th quarter off well with Emily winning the swim up and then immediately swimming into the goals to score. Hopefully plenty more from her too! Wesley scored our final goal for the game. Giving us a solid win.

Essendon defeated the Richmond Tigers : 9 – 4 Goals : Wesey 3, Beth 2, Amelia 2, Emily 1, Bonnie 1

R13 - U14 BOYS Report by Mike Holtz

Only having 7 players made things a little easier on fill in coach Josh Holtz, but harder on the team who were facing a tough MC side. Liam took the first half in goals with our regular keeper out as well. Things didn’t go Essendon’s way in the first half with MC relentlessly counter attacking their way to a 13-0 halftime lead. Tristan took his turn in goals from halftime letting Liam into the field. The boys improved their defensive press stringing together a few defensive stops and scoring twice, through quick counterattacks. The boys went down in the end, but only after a solid 2nd half effort.

Essendon were defeated by the MS Seals : 2 – 21 Goals : Jack 2

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