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2023-2024 Summer State League - R11 + Jnr R1


WSL2 - Report by Darren Steere

After taking a forfeit last week, and a mundane training session at Oak Park on Monday night, the pre-game talk was about intensity. We were up against 2nd on the ladder Richmond. Intensity is what we found, in bucket loads. It started off with Ando in the first swim up and carried on for the whole game. Goals came to Ash, Lisa, Alex & Olivia who finished off the good work done by others, giving us a 4-3 lead at the break. The second quarter was a grind, with us getting looks on goal and covering in defence if things didn’t work. Katie was having a blinder in goals and Ash found herself in CB more often than not, holding her own. Our ball movement and retention was very good, considering it was our first game back since early December. We scored through Olivia & Alex which saw the game level at halftime at 6-6. In the third, Richmond jumped out to a two goal lead, scoring 3 to our single posted by Alex. We could have done with a couple of decisions going our way, but were still in the race at 7-9. The final quarter saw us all over Richmond, our intensity frustrating them. Raking up 15 exclusions on them.  We scored through Olivia and Maria with two more to Alex, drawing level late in the quarter. We then drew a penalty with around a minute left, only for the shot to hit the post and remain a draw😫. A great effort by all the girls and a standard of waterpolo we need to maintain.

Essendon drew with Richmond : 11 - 11 Goals : Alex 5, Olivia 3, Maria 2, LisaAndo 1

WSL3 - Lisa Murray-Segal

With a growing squad size (now officially at 14) it was not surprising to see the majority of players back on deck for our opening game of 2024, having been dealt a Bye last week.  With Clare, Georgia and Sally out, we welcomed back Amelia and newbie Hanna into the side.  Up against StCaths, we needed a sizable bench and had 4. Despite winning the swim up with Clara, StCaths quickly took control causing turnovers and out pacing us towards goal.  Their defense was equally as good, forcing us to panic throw or give up the ball.  They scored 3 in the opening term, but Clara got us on the board with a nice angled shot.  Down 1-3 to start the second, we tried keeping our defense tighter, but we were crowding our options in the forward line.  Some smart play from Laura and Sher created some good opportunities but we couldn't make them count. Isi scored after anticipating a turnover and we ended the half down 2-5.  A switch of ends and some encouraging words saw the third quarter a repeat of the second.  Isi scored a replica goal and StCaths put another 2 on the board to make it 3-7 at the end of the term.  Our final quarter felt like things really slipped away from us, though the scorecard was somewhat kinder.  Most of that was due to Sandra, who did an amazing job in goals all night, thwarting two one-on-ones when she came out of the cage and monstered the driving player.  LisaAs was our final goal scorer in a game that was nothing to write home about, but we did reasonably well juggling 4 players on the bench including a first timer.  St Caths are always a force to be reckoned with, so I think we did OK!

Essendon were defeated by St Catherine's : 4 - 10  Goals : Isabelle 2, Clara 1, LisaAs 1

MSL4 - Report by Sam Brown

This week the Essendon lads were up against The. Top. Team.

They had beaten us before and we were not going to let that happen again – the talk was big on Spond (our Team App). Ryan had that mad dog look in his eye, Ambrose had that nervous pre game excitement, Sammy J was in his deep meditative state. All the boys had their pre-game rituals underway and it was time. A few late drop outs (Dry runs for you next week Lee) and Ruckus pushing cap delivery to the last minute made the tension a little more tense. And then, we lined up. The whistle blew - and boom - we were off, like wild horses out of a racing gate! Two quick goals from the Mills boys saw us two-nil at quarter time, Pauly, a literal wall in goals with those 2m long pencil stick arms! Quarter two; four-one with a special mention to Lucas for two goals! Quarter three; the boys started to get a bit tired but without the Silver Fox, Ruckus stepped up, born leader that he is, and pepped us up, and it was Andrew into goals this time! Excellent goal from yours truly, and the only goal that quarter, but they made us work for it. It’s tough work vying for the top spot on the ladder! Quarter four; this was it, it was time to cement our good run, and despite each team getting two goals in the quarter, a quick pass and boom we got the award for most stylish goal, you’re welcome Ryan! That puts us at the top of the ladder (I think) and forever fighting to keep it. Special mention to Antarctica Matty for the table and welcome back!

Essendon defeated Richmond : 9 - 5   Goals : Ryan 4, Ambrose 2, Lucas 2, SamB 1


YTH BOYS - Editor

Essendon didn't have enough 16&U boys to form our own team for this competititon, so we've combined with Monash and the NYP Dragons. We didn't have a roving reporter in place for a report this week, so we can only deliver the score. Fingers crossed for next week!

Essendon/Monash/NYPD were defeated by Richmond : 2 - 14 Goals : TBC

U14B - Report by Tim Elmore

To kick start this new competititon, the boys' faced a combined Geelong/Monash/Melbourne Collegians squad at Melbourne High. Despite having only six players, an agreement was reached to balance the teams, allowing for three substitutes on the bench. In the first quarter, the boys seemed to be adjusting to getting back into the rhythm of the game after a break. There were some early bench changes as they worked on finding their structure. The quarter was evenly matched, with Jack and Lazar scoring for our team while the opposition managed to get one past Mag in goals. As the game progressed, the boys started to find their stride, slowing down the pace and creating opportunities with several shot clock violations. They managed to convert one of these opportunities into a goal. The third quarter saw our opponents putting pressure on the scoreboard with two goals, while our team managed to score one. Towards the end of the quarter, there were signs of our boys losing their structure, but they held on to a 4-3 lead. The final quarter was intense at times, with both teams vying for control. Despite squandering some advantageous positions due to undisciplined play, our boys regrouped and capitalized on opportunities. Toby and Lazar converted chances, securing the victory.

Essendon defeated Geelong/Monash/NYPD : 6 - 3    Goals : Lazar 2, Jack 2, Toby 1, Zac 1

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