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2023-2024 Summer State League - R12 + Jnr R2

WSL2 - Editor

The girls had a scheduled Bye this week, enjoying a night off at home, but they will be back in action next week for their Round 13 game against Footscray.

WSL3 - Lisa Murray-Segal

After 2 days of 35oC heat, the storms rolled in Tuesday afternoon, and deep down some of us were hoping for plenty of lightning and a cancelled game. But the radar cleared quickly, and the challenge then became how many of us could stay awake for the 9.45pm start. With 4 players out, we still managed a solid 3 person bench, and set about using it to stay fresh against the not so old Old Ivanhoe. They were quick out of the blocks but our defense held up well. It was pretty even with both sides getting shots away, but Ivanhoe had better accuracy and made it 0-2 at the break. Our second quarter started well, with a swim up win to Clara who then also scored our first goal. But things went south quickly as our defence slipped allowing easy shots on goal. Ivanhoe scored 4, after Sandra stopped a certain 5th goal with her face. Her second major hit in 4 days, forcing her to take an early halftime break on the bench and a switch with LisaAs. Down 1-6 for the start of the third, our defence was much better but we still couldn't make our attacking plays count. They sloughed back on CF and we failed to utilise the free player by crowding. Our shots were easily handled by the keeper and we finished the term down 1-8. Ice bag gone, Sandra returned to goals for the final quarter, but the game was done, as we continued to be outswum, giving away easy one-on-one shots. They scored freely from 6-7m out too, when we failed to apply pressure. On the plus side, we made good use of the bench, and swapped CF and CB regularly to mix things up. It's been a tough comp without a win so far, but hopefully we can turn the page soon.

Essendon were defeated by Old Ivanhoe : 1 - 12   Goals : Clara 1

MSL4 - Report by Hayden Woods

Fresh from a top of the table toppling win last week against Richmond, this week we lined up against the Ringwood Pool Pirates.  These guys are fast becoming a nemesis team, having recently defeated us in a GF but also succumbing to Essendon's raw talent and general awesomeness in our last clash.  An unnamed player described them as their 'favourite team to dislike'.  Essendon started very slowly out of the blocks, with Ringwood scoring 3 quick goals and dominating play until a late goal by Vince 'The Colossus' Muneretto provided a shred of dignity for the quarter.  The 2nd quarter however was all Essendon.  Despite a late withdrawal by Paul 'The Mantis' Hunter ('moving house' is clearly a euphemism for 'going to see Tay Tay sing pretty songs' - you're not fooling anyone), Essendon still sported a healthy 5 on the bench and started to flex its muscles and swimming power, ably led by Lee 'The Silver Fox' Howe crushing the swim offs and leading the drive up forward.  3 unanswered goals in the quarter by Lee, Ryan 'Millsy Sr' and Vince put Essendon ahead, and a ridiculous backhander from half way by Lucas that would have made Bryan blush right on what most thought was the whistle to start the 3rd qtr but judged a 2nd qtr goal by the referees extended the lead to 2 at the long break.  The 3rd quarter was a 2 goal apiece arm wrestle, with Lee and Millsy Snr both contributing with their 2nd goals and Ringwood showing some strong skills to eke out theirs.  The final quarter can only be described as a full on blitzkrieg by both teams, with the intensity levels of both teams escalating throughout the quarter.  I can't remember in what order the goals were scored so I'm just going to make that part up.  Lucas fired off his 2nd goal, and Ambrose 'Millsy Jnr' scored nicely off an extra man play.  Ringwood also scored 2, and then scored another 2 to draw the score level with only minutes left on the clock.  A brilliant steal midpool by Ringwood's best player off what some suggested was a foul but other less biased individuals such as the internationally-qualified ref didn't, led to an uncontested fast break down the pool to a one-on-one with the substitute goalie, Ruckus 'Ruckus' Jones.  Dear reader, it was actually a little frightening to behold Ruckus rising up from the depths to contest the shot.  In the 25 years or so I've been playing alongside him I don't think I have ever seen him that high up out of the water.  I swear  I even saw a hint of nipple.  In a tribute to Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, the sheer power of the shot and its subsequent rejection by Ruckus sent the ball all the way back to half way, where it was gobbled up by Essendon and subsequently slotted through for a goal by Millsy Snr.  In a last act to bayonet the wounded Ringwood team, Bryan 'BeeWee' Wee worked hard in the dying seconds to score the final goal for a 2 goal lead, having spent the majority of the game wandering around lost and confused after someone who will remain nameless stole his cap number.  Although if your name happens to rhyme with 'Sam Brown' then I strongly recommend locking and / or removing your letterbox to discourage the forthcoming legal letters.  A great win which should consolidate us on the top of the ladder.  

Essendon defeated Ringwood : 11 - 9   Goals : Ryan 3,  Lucas 2, Lee 2, Vince 2, Ambrose 1, Bryan 1

Below : our MSL4 team for R12


YTH BOYS - Editor

Goal keeper Felix Neal is our only representative in this combined team, who came up against Northcote this week. It was a solid performance with a convincing win, and Felix's mum Natalie can boast he made around 10 saves for the game! We should hear more from Nat next week as she takes on the roving reporter role!

Essendon/Monash/NYPD defeated Northcote : 7 - 0     Goals : TBC

U14B - Report by Tim Elmore

In the second round of this comp, the boys faced a daunting challenge against the reigning champions, the MC Seals. Aware of their previous struggles, the team embraced a new strategy emphasizing tight man-to-man defense to stave off the Seals' potent offense. The game commenced with the boys displaying commendable effort and enthusiasm, effectively thwarting the Seals' advances in the initial stages of the match. However, adapting to the new tactics proved demanding amidst the Seals' dynamic gameplay, resulting in a 0-4 deficit by the end of the first quarter. Undeterred, the team persisted in the following quarter, showcasing resilience as Toby earned a penalty, and Lazar managed to net a goal despite some missed opportunities. Nevertheless, the Seals maintained their dominance, leading 1-10 by halftime. Fatigue became evident in the third quarter, leading to lapses in focus and allowing the Seals to exploit gaps in defense, adding six more goals to their tally. With the coaching staff's encouragement, the team rallied for a final effort in the fourth quarter, frustrating the Seals with their determination. Despite the odds, Toby capitalized on an opportunity assisted by Zac, while Nate, Jack, and Lazar exhibited teamwork to limit the Seals to four goals in the final quarter. Ultimately, the game concluded with a 16 goal win to the Seals. However, the match served as a valuable learning experience for the team, highlighting areas for improvement in defensive consistency and adaptability to different play styles.

Essendon were defeated by the MC Seals : 2 - 18   Goals : Lazar 1, Toby 1


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