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2023 Autumn State League - Round 4

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

Melbourne Uni were leading the comp, so we knew we were in for a tough game. Not helped by missing 6 key players (some due to Uni exams). On the positive side, we still had a bench. Claudia started things off with a move which we practiced Monday night, and received a penalty when tackled from behind. The umpires were strict on this throughout the game. Alex converted but then Melbourne Uni were quick to reply. Again, we took the lead but soon Melbourne Uni were driving fast, too fast for our team scoring 3 goals in quick succession as we ended the quarter down 2-5. In the secod, we again got a penalty first up which we scored but they replied with a penalty of their own. Melbourne Uni were scrapping hard in defence and getting kicked out a lot, but we didn't have the strike power in 'extra man' to be able to take advantage. While we were working hard to set up, when the turnovers came, Melbourne Uni's Kiwi import Emily Drage was too quick off the mark, and we couldn't catch her. She ended up with 7 goals by half time : 3-9. After a strategy session break, we played smarter in the 3rd quarter and were able to win a quarter, plus Melbourne Uni ended the term with 5 players on 2 fouls. Down 6-11, the fourth quarter plan was to force a few more fouls out of Melbourne Uni and get their players kicked out, but they put us under pressure immediately and we lost Ando to injury and a couple of extra man plays against us gave them some good shooting opportunities. They managed to get out to 6-14 before their goalscorer fouled out. This stopped the goal flow but didn't make it easy for us to score and after a tough final quarter that ended up being the final score. Emily Drage notched up 12 of their 14 goals, but that hasn't been an anomaly as she scored 11 last week and similar hauls on previous weeks. Hopefully we can play them again with a stronger team and change strategies to close off their main form of attack.

Essendon was defeated by Melbourne University : 6 – 14

Goals : Alex 4, Olivia 1, Sarah 1

BELOW : WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

Playing the bottom of the ladder side this week, we were keen to notch up a win and try to secure a top 4 finish, something we failed to do last comp. With newbie Clara freshly regisitered and raring to go we had an almost full list of 12 players willing to brave the 9.15pm start at MSAC. But the call came through late afternoon, that La Trobe were forfeiting the game. That was a win-win for us.... Stay at home on the couch nice and warm - and get credited with an 8-0 game score! We'll have to face Old Ivanhoe next week and a solid win against them could see us sneak into the grand final game!

Essendon defeated La Trobe University : 8 – 0 (FORFEIT RECIEVED)

MSL5 Report by Marcus Jones

The guys came up against the Richmond old boys this week on a chilly Melbourne night. It was a tough game with an oscillating scoreboard the whole night. Our guys were courageous in adversity and were rewarded for their efforts receiving 8 extra man opportunities. However goal scoring seemed to be a problem in the first half. But under the expert instruction of old man Woods the team turned momentum and started scoring with freedom. In the last quarter we managed to score 4 unanswered goals to secure the win 💪💪💪 Special mention to Andrew Cover who was great in goals for the first half and swam hard in the field for the 2nd half even though his daughter said after the game he could have maybe swam more!!!

Essendon defeated the Richmond Tigers : 8 – 6

Goals : Ryan Mills 3, Silverfox Howe 3, Sammy 1, Nick the IT guy 1

BELOW : MSL5 Game Night Photo (courtesy of Marcus Jones)

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