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2023 Winter State League - FINALS


Report by Darren Steere

We fronted up on Tuesday night not sure if it was a normal round game, that just happened to be 1:Footscray v 2:Essendon, or a Grand Final to end the Winter Season. Either way, we were determined to play the system that we have played and trained all season, win lose or draw. The first quarter was an arm wrestle, with both sides trying to impose themselves on the other. We talked about keeping their No4 quiet, as she scored 8 goals last round. However she scored all three of their first quarter goals. We answered back with 2 to Sarah in her last game before heading off overseas : 2-3. Footscray got on top in the second quarter, spreading their goals over three separate players. We replied with one to Alex. We were unable to retain the ball with bad passes and our numerous shots did not find the mark. The score blew out to 3-6. A firm reset at halftime had us dialled back in, and our system started to work. With that the goals also started to flow with Sarah adding one, Maria hitting a purple patch with 3 - bang, bang, bang - and Olivia backing herself with a nice goal, as Footscray had left a player up the other end. All the girls were trying hard, and playing to plan. Lara was all over everything in goals and held Footscray to 2, drawing us level on the siren at 8-8. It was therefore game on in the last quarter, with both teams keen to get bragging rights for the next season. With all girls swimming hard both ways we were able to score first to take the lead through Alex. Footscray weren’t done yet, and No4 who we had kept quiet after quarter time, slotted one. Back to even 9-9. Sarah got back in the action to score and put us back in front. With tensions rising, along with the shouting, Alex scored to give us a two goal buffer that we held to the end. A great result with all the girls giving their all, and with Katie missing in goals, missing Ando’s swimming, Phoebe out all season with a shoulder and Mietta galavanting overseas. A great send off for Sarah and nice finish to the Winter Comp. 🏆#winners Essendon defeated Footscray : 11 – 9

Goals : Sarah 4, Maria 3, Alex 3, Olivia 1


Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

Our game last week against Monash felt close despite the 3 goal loss. We had no spares, and some of our better goal shooters didn't play. So we were bouyed coming into this 3 Vs 4 game with virtually a full squad facing up against Monash again. We hadn't won a game for this comp - and this was our last chance to change that. There was a slight dampening of our spirits come game time, when only 3 Monash players had signed on, but then a flurry of activity saw another 7 girls race for the book before the game got underway, seeing both sides fielding 10. We started strongly with a quick goal to Isi at centre forward, which lifted spirits and had us up and about. Clara scored our next goal with a beautiful shot to the top corner from 6m. Monash managed to put one away before the quarter time break. Starting the second up 2-1 created some nervous energy and we started to move into space in front of goal, and look for the best opportunity. Isi scored her second goal whilst Clare opened up her account with a single. Clara created a fast break to put away her 2nd goal. Our defence was pretty tight and Sandra was having a blinder in goals, swatting and grabbing balls at will. Monash was unable to get on the board, so we went into the halftime break up 5-1. We continued to use the bench well in the third, to ensure everyone was fresh and able to sprint in either direction when required. Clare added a second goal to her tally and Emily stepped up to put away her first. Again, we kept Monash scoreless with tight defence and the presence of a 12 armed Hindu God in goals. At three quarter time we had to rub the chlorine out of our eyes to check the scoreboard, now showing 7-1. The girls were excited, trying not to count their chickens but also hearing the fat lady warming up her vocal chords. The last quarter saw Monash throw everything they had left at us. They scored the first goal, which shook us into action and we managed to hold them out, by covering fast breaks, pushing them outside 7m and forcing turnovers. Clara scored her third for the game, and Emily her second before one more sneaky Monash goal went through. But the game was done. Our first win for the comp, at the best possible time!

A big WELL DONE to all the girls, each and every player made a significant contribution to the game win! Special thanks to Heidi's hubby Colin for running the table! Awesome work ladies to finish this comp on a high! Looking forward to the Summer State League!

Essendon defeated Monash : 9 – 3

Goals : Clara 3, Isabelle 2, Clare 2, Emily 2


Report by Bryan Wee

A tough tough match. Very physical and really hard defence from Ringwood such that we only scored two from the field off very good plays. The rest of the time we were shut down. There were lots of 5m penalties reflecting the tough game. We could not get our swimming game going unfortunately and played to their strengths. They managed to break back on us to pressure us and get even. Probably a tighter game than the score line reflected but a disappointing end to a strong season. We will be back next comp stronger and hungrier.

Essendon were defeated by the Ringwood Pirates : 6 – 8

Goals : Vince 3, Bryan 1, Lucas 1, Nick 1

BELOW : MSL5 Game Night Photo - celebrating the end of the season

Youth Girls (16&U)

Report by Danielle Tulloch

This was our last Sunday morning game of the Winter season! The Monash/NYP/Essendon combined team were playing the same top of the ladder side in Melbourne Collegians/DVE/Geelong that we played last week, who beat us by 9 goals. Not sure why, we were supposed to be playing in the Bronze medal game against the Richmond 14s side. Anyway... Essendon were represented by Frankie and Emily with Amelia still nursing a netball injury. With just one sub we faced a full opposition bench. We started strong with Emily winning the swim up. But the team quickly lost possession and the MC/DVE/G team goaled. They dominated the first quarter with the Mon/NYP/Ess girls down 0-3 at the break. With too many players the MC/DVE/G side handed over a few of their girls to our team, to bolster the squad in the second and even out the game. This resulted in an immediate goal however at the end of the second quarter the team were down 1-6. The third was a much closer quarter! The goalie for Mon/NYP/Ess started with the swim up and quickly sprinted back to defend her goal. It was a goalie quarter with many strong saves on goal. Frankie got some good touches and found excellent space. The ball movement was better and the MC/DVE/G team only added one in this quarter, making it 1-7. The last quarter was again the best for our combined Mon/NYP/Ess team! Emily scored the second goal with a fast break, kick out and conversion. Frankie pressed hard in the last quarter to turn over possession which the goalie converted for the third and final goal of the match.

Monash/NYP Dragons/Essendon were defeated by the MC/DVE/Geelong : 3 – 8

Goals : Emily 1, Jemma 1, Nat 1

BELOW : YthG Game Day Photo (courtesy of Danielle Tulloch)


Report by Tim Elmore

Up against Monash Uni the boys turned up with a lot of enthusiasm to play a combined effort. The first quarter placed a few players out of their comfort zones, by putting them in the thick of the action. This paid some dividends with Magnus at centre forward and able to receive a ball from the wing to control the ball and score with ease. Finding space was the aim for the week and this was put into practice in the first quarter by the boys but also placed the team under pressure with some easy turnovers resulting in some easy goals against us. Monash were up 3-1 at quarter time. The second quarter started with a close swim off that Jack narrowly missed against a stronger opponent. Goals were hard to come by in the early stages with the boys placing good pressure that resulted in Toby being awarded a five metre. Without hesitation Toby took the shot and was successful in the outcome. With this fast pace early in the quarter resulted in some quick goals from Monash with the Rats going into the break down 2-7. The start of the third quarter saw the magnets move around the board to place pressure on the boys in different positions and this resulted in the best quarter they have played all winter with Zac at centre forward offering good opportunities for the ball and only narrowly missing a number of good shots. Wes on the left wing was able to find good space and allow good team passing around the pool also creating good scoring opportunities and missing a 5m he was awarded. The defence was bolstered by Bullet and Timo, good man-on-man defence allowing a number of challenges to be deflected by Mangus. Monash were only able to score 2 goals in the quarter one being a 5m as one of our players didn't realise he had been excluded. The rats were down 2-9. For the majority of the final quarter the boys did not drop their heads. Initially, there were no goals scored by either team, keeping Monash at bay thanks to some good team play from Nate and our only left hander Tristan. As the fatigue set in, Monash were able to get a man in behind our defence and score an easy goal. The break in play allowed us to get a fresh player in the field to help continue the pressure, but Monash scored a late goal to finish off the game. Despite the score, some excellent plays by Essendon and lots to look forward to for the summer season.

Essendon were defeated by Monash : 2 – 11

Goals : Magnus 1, Toby 1

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