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2023 Winter State League - Round 3

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

Essendon turned up with 9 players vs Richmond having 10. We were again short on some experience but started well. We had an initial goal through Alex but Richmond returned serve with a penalty. Following this Essendon worked really hard to drive up the pool with Ando, Sarah and Alex prominent, although it was Kyrene who got on a fast break to put us 2-1 up. Then Ando had her chance with a break as well and shot home for 3-1. Both teams were going hard in the 2nd quarter with Richmond driving strongly but showing a little inexperience with imprecise shots and giving away the ball a bit too easily. We were getting good shots on goal and driving hard, including some strong breaks. After an initial Richmond goal Essendon stayed in front and increased their lead with Ash contributing at both ends, scoring and saving goals. Sarah also grabbed a brace to get us out to an 8-3 lead at half time. Just like last week, the momentum changed in the third, and it had quite an impact as it was Essendon who were giving away the ball, giving Richmond plenty of opportunities to score, which they took. The score closed up to 9-7 as we missed a couple of penalties. Unfortunately, we also lost Claudia who was on 3 kickouts. The final quarter didn't start too well either. With Sarah in the book on two kickouts she ended up in goal with Katie in the field. Richmond closed up the gap to 9-9 before Ando scored, and then we got a penalty which Alex converted. Richmond hit back back for 11-11, and the score went up in single shots to 13-13. Unfortunately, the book wasn't to be trusted as we had a number of issues trying to work out who was actually on 2 or 3 kickouts, as LisaAndo was excluded despite being on two kickouts, and one of Sarah's two was crossed out while trying to fix up the mix-up. Since we were short on subs, losing Ando for several minutes in the quarter was quite decisive as Richmond scored a 14th. Essendon had one last attack but couldn't goal before Richmond put the icing on the cake with their 15th goal to take the game by 2. Essendon were defeated by Richmond : 13 – 15

Goals : Sarah 3, LisaAndo 3, Alex 3, Ash 2, Lara 1, Kyrene 1

WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen, see more on our FB page)

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

Once again, we promised to have good numbers this week, before 2 late scratchings with illnesses saw our numbers drop, but with a couple of juniors on board we were comfortable with 9. Warming up before the first whistle we hadn't noticed the oppostion until we lined up for the start. There was only 6! And these were the ladder leaders - winners of the Autumn comp before Winter. So this was a huge opportunity for the girls to get a win on the board against a quality team. But things did not pan out the way we envisioned. In fact, things didn't pan out for us at all. We were sluggish, uncoordinated, crowded, impatient, unaware, sloppy and off target (and they're just the printable adjectives). Old Ivanhoe held us well, but we made their job easier than it should have been. We didn't score a goal until the final quarter, and they had amassed 4. With a nice pass from Sheridan, Taryn scored our first with an angled shot from out wide. Our second goal came moments later, again through Sheridan onto Emily who scored. Thinking we were on a roll now at 2-4 and could change the outcome, Old Ivanhoe hit back as our defense got sloppy again and they matched us with another 2. Quite possibly one of our worst games for some time, not being able to capitalise on the opportunity. And it's not like were weren't trying... it was just one of those frustrating "having a bad day" kinda games..... #embarrassing 😞

Essendon were defeated by Old Ivanhoe : 2 – 6 Goals : Taryn 1, Emily 1

MSL5 Report by Bryan Wee

The game started with hope. Monash was two men down but we only capitalized with one goal while another three team members turned up. The wood was not our friend. We peppered it endlessly in the first two quarters. The second quarter was much the same. Dominant in the field but just not quite clicking. Leigh, Nick, Ben, Sam and even Haydo had shots but only two went in. It was 4-4 at half time and we were frustrated. A change of goalie and we started the second half again with hope. The team responded. The wall that is Ben stood up and blocked everything. Even frees and shots from a meter out. He filled the goal. On the other side of the fence the fat man super sub also chimed in with two fast breaks. So fast it looked like he hadn’t actually swum back to defend in the first place. And a free. So slow the goalie was stunned as it slowly rolled past the goal line. A final quarter where Hayden scores a goal and then fouled himself out to have a break, sealed the game. A good effort topped off by a brilliant goal that threaded past 12 players to the corner by Andrew Cover. A win for the ages.

Essendon defeated Monash : 11 – 4 Goals : Bryan 3, Nick 3, Lee 2, Ben 2, Hayden 1

Youth Girls (16&U) Report by Danielle Tulloch

A beautiful Sunday morning at MSAC with Frankie and Emily representing Essendon in the mixed Youth Girls Monash Uni/NYP Dragons/Essendon team. We were up against the stronger of the two Richmond teams in this division who currently sit directly above us on the ladder. Richmond played strongly with many fast breaks and conversions. Our combined team equalised many of the goals but played catch up for most of the game. Frankie was solid in defence applying pressure to the opposition. Emily continued to improve her game by reading the play, using her speed to advantage and scoring her first goal for the team.

Monash/NYP Dragons/Essendon were defeated by Richmons : 5 – 12 Goals : Emily 1 (others TBC)

YthG Game Day Photos (courtesy of Danielle Tulloch, see more on our FB page)

14&U BOYS Report by Tim Elmore

We were able to field a full team this week, but with only 7 vs 10 players meant we started with a disadvantage. With some new players and some experience on the team we needed time to gel and find a rhythm. We did win the second quarter with two goals by Jack and Tristan, so lots of positives to draw from moving forward.

We'll keep working on basic skills, positioning and rules at training so lots to look forward to.

Lets ensure we all get to training. See you in the pool.

Essendon were defeated by Monash/NYP Dragons : 2 – 14 Goals : Jack 1, Tristan 1

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