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2024 Autumn Competition - FINALS

Updated: 4 days ago

WSL1-2 (Combined League) - Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

Tonight was the 3rd v 4th play-off, with Essendon being the best-placed WSL2 team. The first part of the night was checking out the teams - Essendon had 8 players Vs 7 for the NYP Dragon's WSL1 team. NYP were on the board early with a strong shot but otherwise it was tight at both ends. Katie managed a few good saves as we matched them and went into the break at 0-1. The game opened up in the 2nd quarter as Gen slotted a goal from centre forward. Unfortunately NYP hit straight back to preserve their one goal lead. The game then shut down again for awhile until NYP managed a 3rd goal off a kick out. Eventually Gen turned her defender again to close it up 2-3. Once again we let it slip just at the wrong moment with 5 seconds left to go into half time at 2-4. We started the 3rd quarter with another Gen special. It was at this point that NYP started to speed up their game and every time we didn't nail an opportunity they were able to get ahead on their drives and score. Close to the end of the quarter Mietta managed to get their goalie kicked out and received the ball back in for an easy backhand into goal. As a final part of the 3rd quarter, NYP had one of their 7 players rolled meaning it was going to be a 7v6 game for the final quarter, which we would go into 5 goals down : 4-9. Essendon certainly made a game of it in the final quarter as we shot 3 unanswered goals with our player advantage for 7-9. Unfortunately we lost some momentum as NYP managed a goal and then another to take their lead out to 7-11. Essendon came home with a wet sail and managed the last two goals but ran out of time to force the win.

Essendon were defeated by the NYP Dragons : 9 - 11   Goals : Gen 6, Mietta 2, Emily 1

BELOW : Our WSL2 team in action this week up against a WSL1 side (photos courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen, see more on our FB page)

WSL3 (Essendon) - Report by Lisa Murray-Segal ** GRAND FINAL **

It's funny how a grand final game draws a crowd, and I'm not referring to the spectators (though we did have quite a few!) For the first time all comp, our players showed up in numbers! We had an unprecedented 5 players on the bench! Finally having some support, you'd think we could take advantage of that in the pool, but without a coach directing the changes, we found ourselves on several occasions with 5 of our strongest players on the bench together whilst our newer less experienced girls tried to hold the fort against an undefeated Uni aged side. Having said that, our first half was pretty good. We defended well, but our attacking play lacked some direction and purpose, wasting valuable opportunities. Our shots on goal were lame, though their keeper had a great reach. We didn't score in the first quarter, and Old Ivanhoe landed 3. Things picked up in the second quarter with Sandra having another blinder in goals, keeping their conversions down to just 2, whilst Isi finally got us on the board before halftime, down 1-5. The third quarter was a solid effort, with a stunning goal from Georgia, who continues to grow in confidence. Sheridan took on their main shooting threat and kept her out of the action. Clare and Taryn continued to drive forward and create openings around the goals while LisaAs was literally a wall on the backline preventing easy shots or pases into centre forward. Old Ivanhoe scored twice, and we went into the final break at 2-7. The flood gates opened in the last quarter, but we continued to play hard. Sally and Heidi persistently chased and defended solidly, while newbies Hannah and Caitlin held their own against quality opposition. Georgia snuck in our final goal for the game, but the horse had bolted. Congratulations to all the girls for getting some wins on the board this comp, and hopefully building on that for the next one! Thanks too to all our table helpers and cheer squads!

Essendon were defeated by Old Ivanhoe : 3 - 11  Goals : Georgia 2, Isabelle 1

BELOW : Our WSL3 grand final team

WSL3 (Essendon/Monash Juniors) - Report by Frankie Varghese

What a spectacular season and what a game to end it! Our game against St Caths was a tough but fun one. Playing with no subs, we were on the whole time, but we played amazingly, defending our positions and getting in as many goals as possible. Although we lost, the whole game was close and we look forward to playing them again.

Essendon/Monash was defeated by St Catherine's : 6 - 9  Goals : TBC

MSL4 - Report by Sam Brown  ** GRAND FINAL **

It was a fight every step of the way, but what a game, it was excellent work by everyone!  My first address to you as club co-president is bringing the wrap from the men’s game tonight. First half saw Ryan “The Wall” Mills in goals graciously giving his brother the pool and Andy a shot at goals and switch out to take back some net at half time. Our team worked well together, we set up properly, we defended, we countered, we counter-countered. We were calm, we swapped out our bench regularly, we did EVERYTHING right, even the Silver-Fox couldn’t fault it. Special mentions to SammyJ, who was in the right spot, at the right time, all the time, and OscarM, new kid on the block with something to prove and boy did he prove it! Unfortunately the other team had a 14000 member bench to our 2, and it became a fight that quickly gassed our fellahs, but well played lads! Great season, see you in the Summer! 

Essendon were defeated by Richmond : 6 - 11  Goals : Lee 3, Ryan 2, Andy 1, Sam 1

14&U Girls - Report by Amber Mink

It was a tight and exciting game last Sunday, as the 14&U girls played off in the bronze medal game against Monash/DVE, narrowly going down by a goal.

In this game all the girls demonstrated great drive, and persistence throughout the game. JosieS scored an incredible goal in the last few seconds of the game, shocking everyone. Lola also excelled, both in defence and by scoring 2 goals for the team. Violet as the goalie, performed exceptionally well and  even scored 3 goals. This was definitely a challenge for the girls but also their best game yet. All girls played very well and should be immensely proud of themselves and how they played on Sunday. Although they may not have won, they tried exceptionally hard, and we are beyond proud of them and how far they have come just this season. Overall, this was an incredible way to end their first season together, as it showcased their growth and resilience throughout the season.

Essendon/Footscray/Northcote were defeated by Monash/DVE Aquatic : 8 - 9   

Goals : Violet 3, Lola 2, Emi 1, Zoe 1, JosieS 1

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