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Bryan Wee receives the Service Award for Voluntary Services

Congratulations to Essendon's Bryan Wee - who has received the Service Award for Voluntary Services presented by the Essendon Football and Community Sporting Clubs (EFCSC).

Bryan Wee has been an active Essendon Water Polo Club member since he joined in 2004. Bryan has served the club consistently over the last 18 years (now credited with with 333 games/375 goals) holding a broad range of voluntary administration positions including:

  • EWPC Treasurer 2005 – 2006

  • EWPC Secretary 2007 – 2008

  • EWPC President 2008 – 2012

  • EWPC General Committee member 2013 - 2020

  • EWPC President 2021- current

  • EWPC Legal Advisor: 2006 – current

  • Water Polo Referee 2016 – current

  • Water Polo Victoria Tribunal Member – 2012 - current

Bryan has always been quick to volunteer for any club fundraising activities including:

  • Wine Raffle Donations and Purchasing

  • Bunnings BBQ Assistance

  • Chocolate Drive Purchasing

  • Distribution & Collection of Raffle Tickets

  • Player Sponsorship for Representative Athletes

Bryan’s contribution to Water Polo is not just through the Essendon Water Polo Club as he has held a Water Polo Victoria Board Position for 5 years and is currently serving his 11th consecutive year as a Water Polo Victoria Tribunal Member. Recently Bryan has commenced refereeing in Water Polo Victoria Competitions to assist the game of Water Polo where he can.

The Essendon Water Polo Club is very thankful we can nominate Bryan Wee for a Service Award as his work (like most voluntary positions) goes largely unthanked but is appreciated by the whole club membership. Thank-you Bryan!

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1 Comment

Great job Bryan, what a legend!

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