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2022-2023 Summer State League - Round 11

WSL2 Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

Footscray started with 8 but had a 9th player arrive late as Essendon started with 10, although we were missing Alex, in addition to Lara and Olivia. In the first quarter, Essendon were very stable and workmanlike keeping strong on defence. Phoebe managed a couple of good long shots, while Mietta was aggressive in stealing the ball off their CB and passing out to Sarah who shot it home. A slim 3-1 lead at the first break. The 2nd quarter was one that Essendon dominated everywhere except on the scoreboard. Footscray's older cohort were struggling to keep up with our swimming however they used their experience to keep Essendon out. They also got lucky a couple of times, with one clean shot scored from centre back on their own 2m line while Katie was trying to mark an attacking player. Essendon scored a penalty which also meant one of the Footscray players had 3 majors, pushing them down to 8 players. Close to the half-time break, Sarah was lining up for her own long shot, but had the ball stolen off her and shot into the Essendon goal with 1 sec left. So we went into halftime at 4-4. Another frustrating quarter in the third as the majors mounted up on Footscray but we couldn't penetrate their defences. Once Dani got through and earned a kickout, allowing Phoebe a free shot. Later in the quarter, we managed a 3 on 2 break leading to Mietta in space and a straight goal. So just ahead at 6-5 with the final quarter to go. Essendon played extremely well for the first half of the 4th quarter as we extended our lead to 9-6 with 2 goals from Mietta and Ash tipping the ball in close to the line, and all we had to do was play tight on defence. Unfortunately we then lost Sarah to injury, and what followed was a procession of 5 Footscray goals as we watched our lead evaporate and the game slip away from us.

Essendon were defeated by Footscray : 9 – 11

Goals : Phoebe 3, Mietta 3, Sarah 1, Ash 1, Maria 1

WSL2 Game Night Photos (courtesy of Torben Fink-Jensen) - see more on our FB page

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

Knowing we had 3 key players unavailable for this game in Susan (GK), LisaAs (CB) and Clare (prolific goal scorer) we were somewhat reliant on everyone else stepping up and taking a larger role in the pool against the ladder leaders, the (not so) Old Ivanhoe. We had 8 confirmed and then a new addition to the squad - welcome Lauren! - making it 9. Unfortunately we had no table person this week, and with Heidi running late, it looked like we had to start this game with 7 in the pool and one on the table! Thankfully a good samaritan from the crowd stepped up and volunteered to do the role. And so we began with enthusiasm and speed with newbie Lauren almost scoring the first goal of the game. Old Ivanhoe were quick to find their rhythm and put away a steady 3 goals throughout the quarter, whilst our focussed efforts found Isi who shot truly on 2 occasions to see us 2-3 at the break. We had 2 on the bench and it was clear they were needed in the second, as there was plenty of swimming with constant changes in possession. Sandra was fending off goals in the cage but Old Ivanhoe put away 2 shots. The best we could muster was a solid goal from Taryn off the back of some great defensive work and a dash up the pool. Down 3-5 at halftime we were beginning to tire but the game was pretty close. Abilities were on a par between sides, but they had more swimming power from younger legs. The third saw us struggle to keep up and cover some of the breaks, allowing Old Ivanhoe to stretch their lead. We pegged back one through Isi but were down 4-9 by the end of the quarter. The final term was much the same, as Old Ivanhoe were buoyed by the thought of a solid win, whilst we were just trying to keep our heads above water having lost Sher to injury, and all wanting that break on the bench. Lauren stepped up and put away that missed opportunity from the opening minutes, scoring our only goal for the quarter, whilst our opposition continued their onslaught with another 3. A solid first half from the girls that was closer than the scoreline showed, but we just couldn't sustain the pace. #fitness #training #depletedlolliejar

Essendon were defeated by Old Ivanhoe : 5 - 12 Goals : Isabelle 3, Taryn 1, Lauren 1

MSL3-4 Report by Marcus Jones

This was a week where confusion reigned supreme. The game was Wednesday at 9:15pm then it was at 10pm then we played at 9pm – you tell me the logic??? Anyhow once we started playing with the correct opposition we won the first swim off and that was it for the 1st quarter…….Unfortunately the confusion leaked into our play, with our shooting off, our passing off, our defence off, our teamwork off……we lost the 1st quarter 3-0. At the 1st break we huddled and reflected on mediocrity – I’m pleased to announce the 2nd quarter was marginally better - at least we scored - and in fact we won the quarter 2 – 1. However it wasn’t going well but we weren’t far off and let me tell you the 3rd quarter was an explosion!!!!!!!!!! Essendon scored and scored some more. At three quarter time we were 5-4 up. Big name players like Vince, Lee and Junior were all firing! And then the last quarter happened…………well more the last 90s happened thanks to me. MJ loses the ball and opposition score for 5 all – 60s to go. MJ receives an errant pass and loses the ball – opposition scores – game finishes.

Essendon/Monash were defeated by the NYP Dragons : 5 – 6

Goals : Vince 2, Lee (Silver Fox & Wee Cup Winner) 1, Lucas 1, Kai 1

Worst in pool – MJ, 3 steals against, 2 incomplete passes and many general rubbish plays.

MSL6 Report by Nick Downing

We did better this week. We got 7 to the pool. But Liam is the paradigm of fairness. He took the temperature of the opposition in the first quarter and decided it was not fair so he got himself kicked out and we played man down. Hayden and Bryan assumed they’d have heart attacks and die but it went better than expected. Luke, our fittest player, was in goals for the first half and Andrew, our second fittest in goals the second half. We really tried to let them win?!?! However the razor focus of man down saw us all play out of our skins. Bryan got a few fast breaks and side steps to shoot a few and Nick was lightning on the wing. Haydo solid in defence with a couple of good steals and some unlucky shots. They did take advantage of us tiring in the last quarter to get a few back but Michael put one away just to seal it for us. Luke and Nick on the wing are a frightening combo and hopefully we’ll see more of that and some finals action!!

Essendon defeated Melbourne Surge Blue : 8 – 4 Goals : Bryan 4, Nick 3, Michael 1


This week the team had a bye - but will be up against the NYP Dragons/Geelong combined side for their next game.

U14 MIXED Reports by Alex Steere

GAME 1 It looked like this would be a tough game today as we lined up against one of the few U14 teams in the draw. The last time we played them it was a close game. Our defence started off well but as soon as we stole the ball we lost it with bad passing. Bonnie was able to get away and score us a goal but Geelong led the quarter 2-1. In the second quarter we started to warm up and worked hard to get the ball in front of goals. Unfortunately our shots weren’t getting through but neither did any of Geelong’s. By the third quarter we started to work as a team again, moving the ball around the pool and setting each other up for goals. Amelia and Emily both scoring for us and Geelong answered with 2 of their own. The score was 3-4 in favour of Geelong going into the last quarter. We were in control all quarter. Nate made a great steal and swum it all the way down and scored a goal! Bonnie also scoring her second for the game. Geelong scored one more making the final score a 5 all draw.

Essendon drew with Geelong 14s : 5 – 5 Goals : Bonnie 2, Amelia 1, Emily 1, Nate 1

GAME 2 With an earlier game to warm up with, the team were ready to work hard this game. They were quickly able to make space and work together to move the ball up the pool. This team was also a lot less experienced than the team we played first, so we dominated in defence and were able to score easily in attack. Bonnie found good space around the pool scoring herself 5 goals for the game! An honourable mention to Toby, who lined up for a shoot, backed it with all the power he had, but missed. However he lined up for the shoot a second time, refused to back down and scored! It just goes to show that sometimes you need a second shoot to score the goal!

Essendon defeated the Geelong Marlins : 13 – 5

Goals : Bonnie 5, Wesey 2, Amelia 2, Emily 2, Toby 1, Frankie 1

U14 BOYS Report by Torben Fink-Jensen

We had a big set up for the game today...two teams that weren't likely to make finals - playing a grudge match! Essendon had 8 players, Geelong 6, which also gave us an advantage. We looked pretty good in the first quarter as we stretched them. Both teams had goals disallowed through shooting within the 6m off a foul. Jack then earned himself a penalty but Essendong couldn't convert, so Q1 finished 0-0. Felix was doing his usual job in goals keeping us in the game when we had no defenders. We also looked in pretty good shape in the 2nd quarter as we continued to get the ball down the other end and use our 1-man advantage. Jack earned another penalty but the outcome is that I can see we need to do a bit more penalty taking practice at training 😁 Jack did manage to score a goal in open play though, which allowed us to stay level at half time, 1-1. Unfortunately things didn't go so well in the 3rd quarter as Essendon started to tire and Geelong were able to hit 3 goals making it 1-4. We were hoping Felix would be able to conjure up his usual magic but Geelong's shots were too good. We were similarly tired in the 4th quarter but we rotated the bench a bit more to try and give more rest to the players. We had a few clear shots but most of them went over the bar. Liam eventually got on the score sheet with a well-taken goal but it was too little, too late as we went down by three goals.

Essendon were defeated by the Geelong Marlins : 2 – 5 Goals : Jack 1, Liam 1

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