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2023-2024 Summer State League - Round 5

Updated: Nov 17, 2023


A very quiet week for our senior women, with both our SL2 and SL3 sides having a scheduled bye. But the action heats up again next week, as the 2s take on Footscray, and the 3s face up against StCaths.

JnrW (18s) Report by Danielle Tulloch

Another early morning game with an 8.40am start at Melbourne High! The Ess/Monash/NYP combined team had one sub this week with Essendon being represented by Clara and Emily. A tight game with both teams having opportunities. Clara and Emily both scored!

Ess/Mon/NYPD were defeated by Geelong/MC/DVE : 3 - 7 Goals : Clara 1, Emily 1, Nat 1

YthG (16s) Report by Anne Macdonald

This week the combined Essendon/Monash/NYP team managed to get just enough players to field a team with no subs. It was a level playing field up aginst Richmond Black who also had the bare minimum of players. Emily did most of the team's swim ups and competed well. Frankie was all over the pool, blocking plays. The goalie was rotated each quarter, to give the girls a chance to rest, with Amelia taking up the challenge in the final term, only letting 3 goals through. Richmond were very strong and managed to keep us scoreless.

Ess/Mon/NYPD were defeated by Richmond Black : 0 - 22

MSL4 Report by Marcus Jones

The Essendon blokes had a bit of panic 2hrs before the game with 15 players available for 13 spots........ what do we do? President Wee threw a tantrum, mimicking his 2yo and 3 more late withdrawals meant we had the perfect number of 11. And the 11 included the grand return of the Silver Fox - Lee Howe.

Join me in welcoming back Lee to the team. Lee is a famous club member for:

- Many best and fairest seasons

- Many goals

- Wee Cup winner

- Club coach

- Club captain

- Great bloke

- Greatest club dummy spitter

Lee's first game back included winning all swim off's, a goal and 3 exclusions - that is an eventful game. However the most eventful part of Lee's game tonight was - that I'm not sure we can call him the silver fox anymore!!! It appears to me Lee has gone to the Just for Men doctor and introduced product to his feathers!!! The actual game was solid by the guys - great defence with best in pool performances by the goalie(s). The Mills boys were great in attack with solid back up from the Venosta boys and the two Sams. Our attack continues to develop fellas so let's keep working on it and improve enough to allow me to score a goal 😉

Essendon defeated the MC Chiefs : 8 - 3 Goals : Ryan 3, Ambrose 2, Lee 1, SamJ 1, Liam 1

14&U Boys

Essendon were defeated by DVE Aquatic : 1 - 6 Goals : TBC

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