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2023 Winter State League - Round 5

WSL2 Report by Andrew Cover and Hamish Quick (WSL2s Lucky Mascot)

There was excitement in the air for the final Winter round on Tuesday night, with Essendon needing the win against Monash Uni to ensure that they remained in a top-two position for a gold play-off in the finals next week. Essendon started off strong with LisaAndo narrowly winning the swim up, and the first goal being scored by Alex to immediately take the lead. Filling in as goalie, Lara settled the team’s nerves with some fantastic saves from powerful close-range shots, allowing Essendon to maintain a slight lead for the majority of the first interval. However, a Hail Mary half-court shot by Monash with less than ten seconds on the clock evened the scores to 4-4 at quarter time. Essendon again applied pressure early to the disciplined Monash side, with LisaAndo winning the swim up, then receiving a long pass to score a goal within the first 15 seconds. It was a tense quarter – spectators were shaking not only because of the cold, but the constant back-and-forth scoring by both sides. An impressive intercept by Maria, who quickly passed on for a fast goal scored by Claudia, gave Essendon a small lead at half time of 10-9. Monash refused to let Essendon run away with the lead, but after a kickout on their goalkeeper their defences started to dwindle and 2 goals each were scored by Maria and Alex - including a 5 metre penalty scored by Alex with 4.3 seconds on the clock. With their 2 goal lead, the girls had to remain strong for the last quarter despite being exhausted by the swimming during the high-scoring game. Great defensive efforts by Olivia and Denise were vital in keeping the opposition to only 3 goals in the final quarter, which Essendon were able to match. Another well-deserved win, placing the team in good stead for finals next week! Essendon defeated Monash : 17 – 15

Goals : Alex 7, Maria 4, Claudia 2, Sarah 2, Denise 1, LisaAndo 1

WSL3 Report by Lisa Murray-Segal

I think our team photo this week says alot about this comp. It's been damn cold, we've played outdoors in the fog and we've struggled for numbers with a senior list of 10 plus 3 juniors. So without a win to our name and no bench, we hit the water against a younger Monash side fielding 9 players. It was a close contest in the first, with both sides applying the pressure in defence and the ball travelling up and down the pool. Eventually Clara found some space in front of gaol and shot truly. Monash had put one away just before that, then followed up again just afterwards, so we went into the break down 1-2. The second quarter was the most energetic, with both sides scoring regularly. Isi put 2 into the net, and LisaMS got lucky with a long lob. Monash added another 4 to their tally, making it 4-6 at halftime. We were playing well, but tiring. In the third, Monash kept us scoreless despite having a couple of very good attacks and added 2 to their tally, now at 4-8. The final quarter saw us muster some momentum and again despite the hard work conversion rates were low. We kept Monash goalless, thanks to some great work by stand-in keeper LisaAs, whilst the other Lisa(MS) scored her trademark shot down the other end. Whilst it wasn't a win, we have another chance against this team next week, playing off for the (imaginary) Bronze. So I think a win could be on the cards! And a big thanks to Sienna for doing our table this week!

Essendon were defeated by Monash : 5 – 8

Goals : Isabelle 2, LisaMS 2, Clara 1

WSL3 Game Night Photo (courtesy of Sienna Haeusler)

MSL5 Report by Bryan Wee

It was a game of inches. They had 5 … men ready when the game was due to start. But a little delay by their goal keeper saw them manage to get two subs for the start. Nancy on the table meant they also had to have one for the table. This was Andrew’s second most outstanding contribution to the team behind his ripper goal last week. Nick opened proceedings with a beauty from the outside in extra man. Opposite top corner like a taller, hairier Sam Kerr. Lucas was not wearing team uniform. You could tell because he was out of the water to bather height like a leaping merman. He intercepted passes for steals whilst dealing out fish breath. Lee was uncharacteristic in missing a 5 m penalty. It was the fastest I’ve ever seen Haydo (and a few others) swim away from the goals to avoid taking the free!! Ryan and Rucus had stints in goal after some vigorous swimming. We still can’t figure out how the opposition player swam around Rucus to get a goal in the last quarter. It defied physics like Harry McKays kicks for goal. Sam was solid. Almost as solid as Rucus physically but a goal from the wing also defied physics. It was 6-5 coming into the last minute with that bit of a scare magic goal over Rucus but they curiously stopped the game with a bit of time to go. All in all a solid win to get us in the GRAND FINAL!

Essendon defeated the MC Chiefs : 6 – 5

Goals : Bryan 2, Nick 1, Lucas 1, Lee 1, SamB 1

MSL5 Game Night Photo - celebrating a close win after the game (courtesy of the pizza guy)

Youth Girls (16&U) Report by Danielle Tulloch

Another cold and foggy morning at MSAC with an early 8.30am start time. Amelia was a late withdrawal so Essendon was represented by Frankie and Emily. The Melbourne Collegians / DVE / Geelong mixed team started very strongly with 3 quick goals before our mixed Monash Uni/NYP Dragons/Essendon team settled in. Emily came on late in the first and quickly gained possession and converted a fast break. First quarter down 2-3. MC/DVE/G dominated the second quarter scoring 5 unanswered goals. The team had some limited opportunities but couldn’t convert making it 2-8 at the halftime break. We started better in the third with some strong chances but just couldn’t get the ball into the back of the net. At the end of the third it was 2-11. The final quarter began with Mon/NYP/Ess having three early shots on goal, but again unable to convert. Frankie showing her strength in defence and also making great passes to her team mates. The goalies began swimming up the pool with both having shots on goal. Our team goalie converted with an excellent shot. A few more missed opportunities and some skills to work on for the next game.

Monash/NYP Dragons/Essendon were defeated by the MC/DVE/Geelong : 3 – 12

Goals : Emily 1, Jemma 1, Nat 1

YthG Game Day Photo (courtesy of Danielle Tulloch)

14&U BOYS Report by Tim Elmore

This week we played the top of the table team in the MC otters, and with the agreement from the opposition coach allowed us to play Bonnie giving us a sub on the bench. Having worked on offensive setup at our previous training session the boys were able to put the structure into action very quickly by scoring the first goal, but this excitement would be short lived as we were exposed by the more experienced side. The team is persisting in developing the structure we are practicing and are starting to put some good plays together. In the coming weeks we will add more to their understanding and expand on their skills.

Lets ensure we all get to training. See you in the pool.

Essendon were defeated by the MC Otters : 1 – 19

Goals : Jack 1

14&U Boys Game Day Photo (courtesy of Ben Gilbertson)

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